Royal tern soars above beach at Fort Monroe in Hampton – The Virginian-Pilot

Royal tern soars above beach at Fort Monroe in Hampton – The Virginian-Pilot

Benjamin Gerber photographed a royal tern at Fort Monroe Beach in Hampton.

Mike Weirich sent photos of a mother osprey on her nest near the Coinjock Marina in Currituck County. “I assume osprey keep the same nest every year, and this is the same osprey as last year with a new chick,” Weirich wrote.

Connie Owen sent photos of osprey chicks on the nest at Cape Charles on the Eastern Shore. “It is so enlightening to see the little ones mature and become such beautiful birds,” Owen wrote.

Joe DiGeronimo got a photo of an osprey coming up from the bay near First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach with a speckled trout in its talons to take home to the nest.

Cindy Hamilton spotted shearwaters hanging out in Tom’s Cove at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge on the Eastern Shore. Shearwaters have a tubenose that is a specialized gland developed for drinking ocean water. The “gland extrudes the salt, and the diluted saline solution drips out through the birds’ nostrils,” wrote Hamilton.

Michele Baird had a rare sighting of a swallowtail kite in her yard in the Mears Corner neighborhood of Virginia Beach.

Cindy Morrison photographed canada geese goslings while walking the loop at Mount Trashmore Park in Virginia Beach.

Steve Daniel feels a photo of a grackle with a periwinkle snail in its beak at Pleasure House Point Natural Area in Virginia Beach.

Steve Stasulis had visiting black vulture at his home in Kings Grant in Virginia Beach.

Reuben Rohn photographed a bobwhite on a fence at the Magothy Natural Area Preserve on the Eastern Shore.

Connie Owen was excited to observe a red-headed woodpecker creating a home in a dead tree in Cape Charles on the Eastern Shore. “I thought they had a nest, but as I kept watching I saw the wood chips being tossed out of the hole,” Owen wrote.

Denise Rodey got a photo of a male hooded warbler snagging a green caterpillar while searching for food at Pleasure House Point Natural Area in Virginia Beach.

Randy Travis feels a photo of a bluebird checking out his bluebird box hanging among the waxmyrtle bushes in Larkspur Greens in Virginia Beach.

Kevin and Pam Wong sent photos of goldfinches at their recently installed feeder in Sandbridge in Virginia Beach.

Les Ferguson sent an interesting looking photo of a carolina mantis and its mirror image on a window in Chuckatuck in Suffolk.

Leigh Schuster feels photos of cicadas molting in her yard on Chuckatuck Creek in Northern Suffolk after her children pointed them out.

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Dave Lockwood had a morning visit from a bunny in his yard in Park Manor in Portsmouth.

Laura Joksaite feels photos of the neighborhood raccoon mother with her cub in the Robinhood Forest in Virginia Beach. “It was such a hot day, and she was suffering from it, but the love is bigger so she didn’t dare to leave her cub for longer than three minutes,” Joksaite wrote.

Gary Williamson photographed a rough green snake that was winding its way around the trees on Indian Creek in Chesapeake.

Norm Grefe came across a gorgeous copperhead at the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in Suffolk, along the aptly named Wildlife Drive.

Nancy Watters came upon a pair of turtles in the mating act at the Broad Bay Country Club Golf Course in Virginia Beach. “You never know what you are going to see!” wrote Watters. “They completely ignored me as I teed off within 6 feet.”

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