It’s July and something abnormal happening in Redding

Christian Boehme and Makyna Laeber ride scooters around downtown Redding on Sunday.  The high temperature reached 80 degrees Sunday, 18 degrees off the normal for the date.

Something quite abnormal happened in Redding on Sunday. And if Mother Nature again smiles favorably upon us, it will happen again Monday.

Sunday was the third day of July, typically the hottest month of the year in the North State.

But instead of boiling under intense sun with temperatures in the high 90s or above 100 degrees, something unusual happened.

The high temperature Sunday reached only 80 degrees, 18 degrees cooler than the normal for the date, according to the National Weather Service.

To put a little perspective on how unusual that is. Last year on July 3rd the mercury reached 106 degrees, the weather service said. The normal temperature for the date is 98 degrees.

On Sunday, Christian Boehme and his friend Makyna Laeber rode scooters around downtown Redding under cloudy skies.

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