Here’s when to expect next hearings on the Capitol riot

Here's when to expect next hearings on the Capitol riot

The sixth hearing of the House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the capitol was stunning in its revelations and vivid in its descriptions of conversations and actions in the White House on and before that date.

The June 28 hearing came as a surprise. The committee was not expected to hold any other hearings in June.

the seventh Jan. 6 committees hearing will take place July 12 at 10 am EST. Committee member Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., told Face the Nation that the next hearing’s topic will be “the efforts to assemble” the Jan. 6 mob. The committee will examine who participated in the riot – including far-right white nationalist groups – who financed it and how it was organized, Schiff said.

Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., joked that reporters shouldn’t go on a long vacation when asked when the next hearing might occur.

“We’ve been keeping you guys on your toes,” Raskin told reporters on Tuesday. “We’re calling hearings as we see fit.”

The committee has completed six hearings so far. Here’s what happened at each:

  • Day 1: The first hearing on June 9 described a “sprawling, multistep conspiracy” to stop the peaceful transfer of power spearheaded by Trump. Read the takeaways.

  • Day 2: On June 13, Trump aides and former Attorney General Bill Barr gave explosive testimony describing how they advised Trump not to declare victory on election night and how he ignored evidence he lost the election. Read the takeaways.

  • Day 3: Thursday’s hearing revealed efforts by Trump’s lawyers and allies to convince Pence to help overturn the election, despite knowing that those efforts were likely illegal. Luttig told the committee if Pence carried out Trump’s plan, he would have “plunged America” ​​into what he says would’ve been “tantamount to a revolution within a constitutional crisis.” Read the takeaways.

  • Day 4: State officials in Georgia and Arizona told the Jan. 6 committee during Tuesday’s hearing they received threats after they refused to abide by Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn 2020 election results. Read the takeaways.

  • Day 5: Former Justice Department officials told the committee about the pressure Trump put on them to investigate baseless claims of election fraud and his ultimately failed plan to install an Attorney General who was sympathetic to the conspiracy. Read the takeaways

  • Day 6: Former White House help Cassidy Hutchinson portrayed Donald Trump as reckless and unhinged, describing how he knew participants at his Jan. 6 rally were armed but wanted them to march to the Capitol anyway – and he wanted to join them. Hutchinson also revealed White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows asked for a pardon after the Capitol riot, along with Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani. Recounting a conversation with the chief of Trump’s security detail, she said one Secret Service agent was physically attacked by Trump for refusing to drive him to the Capitol while the mob was bearing down on it. Read the takeaways

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