Livestream brings ISS astronauts and Gifford Youth campers together

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY — Aiden Robinson, 7, of Gifford had a simple question for Astronauts Bob Hines and Jessica Watkins during a livestream conversation Wednesday between students at the Gifford Youth Achievement Center and the crew of the International Space Station.

“What kind of food do you eat in space?” Aiden asked Hines, the pilot of Crew Four, who, along with Watkins, answered pre-recorded questions from students as the ISS flew about 250 miles above them.

Kayden Taylor, 10, Tianna Greene, 11, Madison Ackron, 11, and Saiya Roman, 10, present their science project, Wednesday, July 6, 2022, at the Science Institute of Discovery summer camp at the Gifford Youth Achievement Center in Gifford.  The science fair, "Living in Space, Preparing on Earth" prepared the students for a question-and-answer session with astronauts, Jessica Watkins and Robert Hines following the end of the fair.

Hines’ answer of pre-packaged, dehydrated foods such as a combination of turkey and noodles didn’t sound too appealing to Aiden, who said he likes noodles but not the turkey. Given the choice, he’d pick pasta any day, Aiden said.

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Other questions from students included how do you move around in space; did you feel any heat during launch; and what do the astronauts do in their spare time?

ISS astronauts reveal favorite activity

The crew described their favorite activity as gathering together for dinner, which they said requires them to be tethered to the table with Velcro. They also have an entertainment system onboard and can call family and friends back on Earth.

Students of the Science Institute of Discovery summer camp at the Gifford Youth Achievement Center participate in a question-and-answer session with astronauts from the International Space Station, Wednesday, July 6, 2022 in Gifford.  The students prepared for the event by having a "Living in Space, Preparing on Earth" science fair prior to linking with the space station to hear from astronauts Jessica Watkins and Robert Hines.

Florida school one of 10 chosen nationwide to talk to ISS

The Gifford Youth Achievement Center was one of 10 schools nationwide scheduled to talk to the ISS Wednesday as part of a program offered through NASA.

The school applied for the chance to speak to the crew from Expedition 67 for about 20 minutes last fall, and was chosen in March for Wednesday’s downlink with the ISS through the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

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