Graham had no businesses making calls to GA on behalf of “the sore loser,” reader says

Graham had no businesses making calls to GA on behalf of “the sore loser,” reader says

Graham gone too far

I’ve been wondering when Senator Graham would get subpoenaed. Didn’t realize it would be by the Georgia investigation, but that makes sense. He was known to have made a phone call or two to GA election official Brad Raffensperger concerning the status of mail-in ballots in the Georgia election.

I understand Senator Graham’s attorneys have stated that the senator is well within his parameters in doing so, but I beg to differ. Senator Graham does not represent Georgia. He represents South Carolina. I’ve even voted for him in the past. He had no business making those calls at the behest of the sore loser.

This is one time when becoming the former president’s lackey has caused our senator to go too far. John McCain would not have advised this.

Betsy Russell, Columbia

Fraught education race

While I do not disagree with some of her views on the education of our children, I do question the legal qualifications of Ellen Weaver to be on the ballot for superintendent of education since she did not have the required master’s degree at the time she registered to run for office.

As an analogy, I do not believe that a citizen and resident of Lexington County would be qualified and allowed to register to run for public office in Richland County on the basis of a statement that she would move and become a resident in Richland County before Election Day.

It sets a bad precedent and might become an issue for the courts to decide.

Edward L. Grimsley, Columbia

Take fight to polls

June 24, 2022, is etched in history as the day America’s highest court stripped women of the right to have control over their bodies.

Yes, people are angry about the Roe v. Wade ruling, but we cannot succumb to the anger. We must use our energy to take action and fight judicial misguidance and legislative ineptness.

We have marched to show our disapproval of the ruling, and the subsequent proposed legislation that will penalize women and physicians.

Now we must march to the polls.

The fight must and will continue in Congress and the courts, but the fight at the polls must also be won. Replacing our current elected officials with those who respect women and women’s rights can only be accomplished by getting out every voter who supports the right of women to have control of their bodies. We must remove those policymakers who are willing to allow the loss of women’s lives, bodily autonomy and livelihood with unabashed bluster.

I urge everyone who understands this to stand with us and fight. We cannot stop just because we are tired of fighting. We must continue because it is the right thing to do.

Lady June Cole, Ph.D., Columbia

Hollywood and violence

Clearly the USA is gun crazy, but there is a bigger problem than AR-15 assault rifles.

Hollywood produces mass murder TV, movies and video games as its main money-making engine. Machine gun mass murder is on nearly every channel 24/7 every day.

British TV may show a murder mystery; American Hollywood media is very different. Shoot ’em up, blow ’em up, bomb ’em up is the main attraction. Even Marvel action hero movies are awash in mass killing.

American youth watch this every day. Video games are even worse. America has become a country that entertains itself with mass murder.

Hollywood and others need to be queened in on ultra-violence for profit. Abuse of first Amendment rights is killing us and our children.

Gary Ling, Charleston

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