Spelljammer explained – how it fits into the wider D&D universe

Spelljammer: Adventures in Space galleon and space whales

It says a lot about how beloved the setting is that “Spelljammer confirmed” became such a long-running meme. Even though its blend of sci-fi fantasy hadn’t been seen in decades (officially, at least), you couldn’t get through a Dungeons and Dragons announcement without the now-infamous phrase being dropped into comments. In fact, D&D’s official account made it an April Fool’s joke for 2022.

Fast-forward a few months and we actually have to grapple with how Spelljammer fits into today’s D&D lineup. If the likes of flintlock-wielding hippo aliens exist in – and have visited – the world of knights on horseback, how come we haven’t heard about them? There’s an obvious real-world explanation, of course, but it does raise questions in-universe. Modern Dungeons and Dragons books have stayed mum about the floating asteroid city that’s supposed to orbit one of the setting’s moons, for instance.