Socio-sanitary plan and waste management, the new challenges of the Region

Socio-sanitary plan and waste management, the new challenges of the Region

The President of the Regional Council of Liguria Gianmarco Medusei presented on Thursday, October 27, 2022 the budget for the activity carried out by the Legislative Assembly during the exact second year of the XI Legislature, which had begun on October 27, 2020.

Protection of the local ecosystem and enhancement of the hinterland, protection and enhancement of local products, fight against rising gas and electricity prices, new impulses for energy communities and support for the seaside sector are some of the some of the issues raised in class through legislative proposals, proposals and agendas approved by the Regional Council.


In the past 12 months, 51 sessions of the Legislative Assembly and 165 sessions of the Commission have taken place. 22 laws were passed. 439 were presented in the courtroom, including questions and interpellations, and 203 between agendas, motions and resolutions. In addition, last May, the Special Commission to study Nextgenerationeu (Ngeu) concluded its work, while the work of the Anti-Mafia Commission continued throughout 2022, which consolidated the intertwined relations in 2021 and established valuable coordination also with bodies at the national level. level.

The audience returns to the courtroom

Among the operational innovations, the chairman underlines the reopening of the meetings to the public, which took place, although with the necessary distance, on June 21: “it was, for me, a source of great satisfaction to be able to allow citizens Access to the Legislature began, unfortunately, when the ongoing pandemic emergency did not yet allow the public to enter and while guaranteeing, through streaming on the Region’s website and on television live, complete and timely information on classroom activities, the reopening has acquired a very important symbolic meaning for an Assembly which is the highest expression of its community of electors: it is the concrete signal of a reboot”.

Study trips resume

“A few weeks ago, after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic – said President Medusei – the trips organized by the Regional Council of high school students who won the competitions announced by the Assembly finally resumed. The first, between the 17th and the last On the 20th of October, it was destined for Strasbourg, within the framework of the competition “Let’s become European citizens”, and allowed our children to get to know the most important institution of the EU, then it will be the turn of the young winners of the competition dedicated to the persecution of Giuliano Dalmati in Istria and Dalmatia and the young people who successfully participated in the competition dedicated to the Day of Remembrance”.

The challenges to be met: enhancement of the hinterland, local products, support for seaside resorts, protection of the citizen

The president underlines the most qualifying interventions of this second year of administrative action: “The Council quickly approved the motions, agendas and measures aimed at the agricultural revival of the hinterland, the protection of local ecosystems and wood and the enhancement of excellence The class reaffirmed the need to protect the Ligurian roots of the bathing sector, as well as the facilities for sports and cultural associations that are part of our tradition “. The attention of the Assembly does not was not lacking also with regard to the “hot” issues of employment, job protection, in particular respect and two emergencies this year, drought and swine fever, which risked compromising many productive sectors of our region”.

The bets: support for families and economic activities for expensive energy. Health still at the center of the debate

The Assembly has been attentive to the current economic crisis and, in particular, to expensive energy: “through numerous agendas, motions and resolutions, the Council has united – adds the President – to support a tax policy that keeps unchanged the pressure on Ligurian families, to demand support and tax breaks against expensive energy for the transport and sports sectors and, following a path not only urgent but strategic, in the strengthening of alternative energy sources and energy communities, which represent a valuable opportunity for Liguria”.

Finally, Medusei emphasizes the Assembly’s constant monitoring of the junta’s health policy: “the long wave of the pandemic is still hovering over the assistance which, engaged for nearly two years on a complex and demanding front, is regaining possession of all its ordinary functions and on the part of the Council, reports, solicitations and stimuli have not been lacking to improve the work of the Council, to reopen the services temporarily suspended and to implement those that exist”.

The fight against crime, the challenge of the PNRR and the war in Ukraine

The President also highlights the role of the Anti-Mafia Commission, “which has been involved in the regional reorganization of the bodies responsible for monitoring organized crime” and the results obtained by the Special Commission with study functions on Nextgenerationeu (Ngeu), which concluded its work last May: “thanks to this special commission, the advisers have been able to exercise a function of in-depth analysis and control over the allocation of the resources made available to Liguria by the European project, providing to the Council of Suggestions which enabled them to take an active part in this important bet”. The Assembly, in a supranational dimension and attentive to international emergencies, “strongly supported the reception of Ukrainian refugees, in particular students, renewing – concludes – it – calls for peace and dialogue”.

New challenges: the socio-sanitary plan, waste management and the 2023-25 ​​budget

Finally, President Medusei announces the difficult next steps that the Assembly will have to face: “There are new and important bets on which the Council, and even more so the committees, will be called upon to compete before the opening of the end-of-year budgetary session: the social and health plan and the bill on the management integrated waste. These are two long-awaited strategic interventions for Liguria that will have a significant impact on the lives of citizens. The contribution of fellow administrators, both from the majority and the opposition, will therefore be valuable in integrating and, if possible, improving the provisions enacted by the junta”.

The President therefore announces a “hot autumn” that will end with the 2023-25 ​​budget session: “Liguria is no stranger to the consequences of the energy crisis and international tensions and regional economic and financial planning must also take into account account of these variables guarantee support for families and new opportunities for economic development”.