America from coast to coast, what is it and how to organize it

america coast to coast

America Coast to Coast, what is it and how to organize it in post World Travel

The dream of all those who love adventure and of all those who love adventure who have read “On the road” by Kerouac. Or “Furora” by John Steinbeck. The great crossing of the United States from coast to coast, America Coast to Coast. A thousand changing landscapes, cultures and cities that follow one another like a carousel, the American province of many films, the views of westerns… the oceans!

If you have the chance, don’t miss it. Travel from one end to the other of the North American continent is an exciting experience and is not for everyone. You must have time available, no rush, want to sweat and want to get lost in a thousand different sensations.

Are you ready to do it too? Here’s how in Viaggi nel Mondo’s guide and in the new post dedicated to traveling around the world!

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Itineraries from coast to coast of America

To better organize such a varied and long trip, you need know in advance what you want to see and where to see it. Crossing the United States in a “zigzag” makes no sense and wastes energy and precious time. By following the routes dictated by the major highways of the country, you can travel in a more relaxed and rational way, while having fun.

Here are three ideas for your American crossing:

  1. Road 66the mythical highway of many books and films, starts in Chicago and ends in Los Angeles. It therefore cuts the western part of the continent and touches all the “typical western” landscapes and cities like Oklahoma City, Tulsa, St Louis, and the beautiful canyons of Arizona.
  2. An inverted course but just as electrifying instead it departs from Los Angeles and reaches New York. On this route, on the other hand, you cross the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, the cities of Texas, part of New Mexico then go up from Louisiana, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington DC and finally the Big Apple.
  3. The third idea, on the other hand, is to leave Seattle (state of Washington) and go to Florida. In this case you will cross the great National Parks, such as Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, the Amish communities of Pennsylvania and you will descend towards the two Carolinas, Georgia and its capital Atlanta and finally the beautiful and trendy, Miami, with its palm trees and its wild nightlife.
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

What you need to know before you go

Here are some useful recommendations to consider before embarking on your American crossing:

  • Avoid hurricanes. Recall that in the United States a large proportion of hurricanes hit the country between June and November, so the ideal season for a trip from coast to coast would be spring, to avoid the freezing winter in some states and the autumn rains in others.
  • Min. time To make the most of such a demanding trip, it would be ideal to consider a minimum of 3 weeks of time for such a demanding itinerary.
  • Documents. Never forget your passport, the ESTA form (the American visa), your international driving license and good travel insurance.
  • Car or motorcycle. Both are fine even if the car allows you to take more comfort with you and protects you in case of no accommodation. Better to travel with a big car, possibly an SUV or a jeep. If you have the money to spend, rent a motorhome.
  • Accommodation. Always book well in advance, at least three days, to avoid having to sleep in the car at the last minute. Thanks to the many application you can also do it along the way.
  • Expenses. Avoid unnecessary expenses, such as restaurants or pubs or even hairdressers! Save as much as possible to invest it all in the trips and attractions you’ll want to see along the way.

america coast to coast

Our article dedicated to making your crossing from coast to coast of America ends here. See you next time from Viaggi nel Mondo!