Check out what it is and how the famous drink is prepared


Check out what it is and how to prepare the famous South American drink, in Viaggi nel Mondo’s post

If you are about to embark on a new adventure to discover the world and you have chosen the South America as a destination, you will discover Comrade, the typical drink of some Central and South American countries.

Travel is above all synonymous with “discovery” and savoring every emotion you need to fully immerse yourself in the place you are visiting. We have to look at everyday life from traditions. Culinary express an intimate language and give flavors that will reveal to us beyond the earth, those who inhabit it.

In this Viaggi nel Mondo article, let’s see together what mate is and how it is prepared, as well as some curiosities related to this drink. Welcome to World Travel!

What is Mate?

The mate it’s a ritual, not just a drink: it is the symbol of a people, its most sacred tradition, not a simple tea. It’s a moment of aggregation, it’s well-being, it’s particularity, it’s above all history. The comrade in Argentina and in Paraguay it has a social function, like our coffee and perhaps their attachment to comrade it is superior to ours for coffee. There even seems to be some kind of ritual, which every hostess knows and tries to follow, called in jargon “VSfuck my mate”.

A little story of mate

Everything that revolves around Comrade tells a fascinating story, dating back to when the Spaniards crossed the ocean. By exploring a new land they picked their fruits and herbs to enrich the recipes. This is how they first encountered the leaves of Yerba Mate, whose scientific name is Ilex paraguariensis. To discover its taste and its effects, they decided to imitate the indigenous peoples who made an infusion of it to prepare a cold drink. So they thought they could replace the sheets of Yerba mate prepare a tea, but they discovered that the taste of the drink was very strong and bitter. It was not for this reason that they were discouraged in its production and so they began to export it to Europe as well.

Mate: a great drink

The peculiarity present in the leaves of Yerba mate it is caffeine, which however has no harmful effects. The comrade it’s an energizer, an exciting but it does not hurt. On the contrary, it produces beneficial effects on our body. First of all, due to the high concentration of water and mineral salts. Also stimulates diuresis in a controlled diet, it increases the speed of metabolism, has a natural antidepressant effect and invigorates physical fitness, strengthening the immune system. It would also have a positive and effective power on sexual activities and would even be indicated for tumor regression in the colon, according to a study carried out by a team from the University of Illinois.

Mate, a rite and its tools

To enjoy this drink at home it will suffice to study the rituals well and to equip yourself with the tools adapted to its preparation. It’s obviously the leaves Yerba Matethe cup in which to drink is called comrade Where materialand the bombilla, i.e. a specific metal straw. The leaves are easily purchased in herbal medicine, the cup and the straw can be found online. At this point, it would be an understatement to say that you can proceed as if you were preparing tea. To enjoy it in all its essence, you have to follow the tradition, as the ancient times did. Guarani Tribe Indians.

Have available material And bombilla it will not be necessary to filter the infusion which will be drunk through a straw, paying attention to its position and that of the leaves in the cup. They should be laid out on one side only, vertically, so that pour boiling water wet only those at the bottom. Once you have drunk the first essence, you will pour more water which will gradually moisten the upper layers which will gradually sink to the bottom.