Greece, a multifaceted paradise

pictures of greece

IS “elected” unanimously like, how a of the essential objectives put on the agenda for oneself summer holidaysthanks to infinity beauty of his he is which enchant all those who have the opportunity to visit them.

The Greece. actually. Literally “kidnaps” with its wonderful sea give him crystal clear waters with a thousand shades of blue, which “crystallizes” in the mind and heart of the tourist in service like a real postcard.

A heaventhen, it is the one offered by the Southern European state, also known for its own sunsets and landscapes. And a paradise that really attracts all without exception: from young people who want pure fun to those who long for rest and relaxation after a year of intense work, from couples looking for a romantic destination to lovers of art and ancient history .

The Greece “It does not stop”, in fact, only at the beaches and everything that “revolves” around them, but offers so much more between monuments and museums, ancient temples and citiesgiving life to a harmonious blend which “justifies” its worldwide popularity.

Discover mainland Greece

It is set up as a Valid Alternate for those who intend “Detach” give him popular destinations without giving up the seawhich has nothing to envy to that of the “traditional” islands, usually more frequented.

But is too – unquestionably – the ideal solution for those who want to “breathe” the greek classicism in all its different expressions, therefore opting not so much and not just for a summer vacation, but for a vacation that can be enjoyed all year round. A holiday “made” of history and culturewho find a voice, for example, in amphitheatres, sanctuaries or other symbolic places to visit absolutely.

Let’s talk about the Mainland Greecea Greece – so to speak – “without seasons”, which makes it possible to approach theessence truer and more authentic of the Balkan country, the one that shows itself on every street corner, in ancient ruins and in hilltop villages or by the sea, as well as in unspoiled nature and mythology.

A Earththerefore, fascinating, which will give emotions not only, e everything to discover and experience, for a complete immersion that will certainly not disappoint expectations. But where to start?

Athens, a combination of ancient and modern

You say Mainland Greece and you say Athens“unavoidable” starting point and “fulcrum” of your trip, whether you have a few days or more time to devote to it.

Mirror of one civilization and testimony of the places who have seen the writing the story ofWestcradle of ancient civilization and democracy, Athens it is an engaging city on several levels, which must indeed have a prominent place in its itinerary.

His maximum symbol is in theAcropolis with his iconic temples, first of all the Parthenon, which alone is enough for a visit. But its many are also worth discovering “elements” of modernitymanifested by fairs and art exhibitions or by structures with an exclusive style.

A “Mixture of Souls” which at first can be a factor of “disorientation”, but which will then “attract” precisely because it is a crossroads between the ancient and the modern, between Greek classicism and the architecture of the last century.

A metropolis in which the “Old” and the “New” mix wellthen, Athens, and a metropolis where you’ll surely leave a piece of your heart behind when it’s time to return home. But one metropolistoofrom which to be able to leave for trips and excursions. Because it would be a real shame to “get here” and stop, without knowing anything else. Are you curious? Let’s keep reading then!

An excursion not to be missed: Meteora and its monasteries

If you are in the ad Athens it’s impossible not to budget for one “Pause” to Meteora Monasterya great for both the the eyes which for that spiritbefore which it is practically impossible to remain insensitive and indifferent.

Declared inheritance ofhumanity ofUNESCO, Meteorlocated in the region of Thessalyis a very suggestive place where natural beauty of the area joins the ancient monasteries built on rocks. Perfect retreat for monks seeking solitude and prayer.

nature and religion so they combine perfectly in what is a place not to be missed: huge pillars of sandstone rock overlooking the void stand out to sky“Rolling” up fascinating monasteries which seem to seem “in the balance”, “suspended”.

And indeed the word “meteor” in Greek it means “Suspended in the Air”a sensation that one “perceives” when one arrives there, feeling “destabilized” but at the same time “overwhelmed” by what one admires.

24 the monasteries present in the tops of the cliffs, of which however only 6 I am inhabited and open to visitors: a truly unique opportunity, for aadventure Which one is both mystical and culturaland which will never be erased from memory.

travel tips

Warm and hospitable, It also “satisfies” the more demanding touristwhat maybe Not want to “Restrict” his travel to the amazement – without any indisputable doubt – of beaches dream of the Cyclades Islands. Or the equally enchanting Sporades.

But want – In place – that little extrathis “quid plus” that makes the difference in your stay, enrich it internally and “fill it” as few experiments are able to do.

So that’s itlive can be fully represented by monasteries of Meteormonasteries “enveloped” in a “rarified” atmosphere, in which the weather seems never scrolling, but stopping, as if to ask the visitor for a moment of reflection and contemplation.

The best time for the visit? Certainly theAutumnwhen the sacredness of the venue it is not “disturbed” by the high affluence generally recorded during the summer season, thus allowing maximum concentration. And when I colors of the surrounding nature they add splendor – and even romance – to an already beautiful landscape.