here’s how to organize them with “Adventures in the world”


Traveling for young people is a real journey educational experience. In addition, in fact, to the knowledge of different cultures and places, travel allows the mind to open up and face differences and difficulties to which, in our daily lives, we are not accustomed. It’s a real path to growth. So why not choose an adventurous trip over a relaxing vacation? Maybe a traveling trip to test yourself and live real adventures, facing new goals not as tourists, but as travellers.

The advantages of organized travel for young people

Facing a very distant goal e with cultural differences important is not easy, especially for those who do not have much experience in this type of travel. Precisely for this reason it could be easier to turn to the realities that organize this type of young trips, such as those proposed by adventures around the world.

In addition to the possibility of traveling from another angle, go with people you don’t know it also contributes to the development of various aspects of his personality, such as self-confidence, adaptability and ease in interpersonal relationships. In addition, it will be easy to meet peers or in any case like-minded people with the same interests, with whom to make friends. Obviously, as in all adventures, it is possible to find obstacles, but this will serve to temper the spirit even more.

adventures around the world

Adventures in the World is a concept that differs from traditional tour operators, as it does not offer normal organized itineraries, but it is a tool that allows young people (and others) to organize themselves according to the principle of self-management a traveling trip. Their formula, unique and original, combines the advantages of an organized trip, with the possibility of being able to personalize the itinerary, by participating in the first person, with your guides, in the organization before departure and the decisions to be taken in journey progress. There are many destinations to choose from, depending on the activities you plan to do, the type of scenery you want to see, and the duration of the route.

Especially, trips in the “Discovery” category they are designed for young travelers, from 18 to 40 years old. This means that in these Adventures the traveling companions will all be the same age, or almost. By reserving one of the destinations, a part is paid mainly for the purchase of flights, insurance cover, the services of any local correspondents and, if necessary, local transport. While the rest (such as accommodation, guided tours, meals, etc.) is paid thanks to the “common fund” consisting of the sum paid by each member of the group for current expenses to be incurred during the trip.

Each group is assigned a coordinator. He is not a professional guide, but simply a more experienced traveler, who knows the formula well and has more experience in this type of trip. The coordinator makes the link between the agency and the group, proposes an itinerary, gives indications and possibly options. However, all program decisions and changes must be approved by the whole group.

How to approach a traveling trip?

Approaching an itinerant trip requires certain personal characteristics, whether you choose to travel alone or have the support of an organization. First of all you must be very flexible and adapt to any unforeseen event or change of itinerary. In fact, this type of trip is not suitable for those who prefer to control everything without considering variations.

Another essential requirement is the availability for group life: participating in an organized trip with strangers requires great empathy and the ability to overcome any disagreement, perhaps taking a step back, without imposing their own decisions. In fact, you might find yourself sharing hotel rooms with someone you don’t know, or sleeping in mixed male and female rooms.

Finally, it should be emphasized once again that facing a similar type of experience means identifying with the soul and culture of the place visited. For this reason, the essential requirement is educate yourself and open your mind, in order to understand every nuance of the place, even if the habits to follow are different from yours. This involves respecting rituals, customs, the sanctity of certain areas, etc., always ask permission local people before doing anything that could be considered contrary to the rules or morals of the country you are hosting.

The favorite destinations of young people

But what are they the favorite destinations of young people? Among those who do not have much travel experience, among the most popular places are the central Americaand the South East Asia. But also the Middle East, the North Africa and the North Europe that allow you to tackle even short routes (from a week or ten days) without too much effort.

Thanks to this type of trip, it is possible to see with different eyes, and in complete safety, exotic places and different cultures, equipped with a backpack and a spirit of adventure.

For those, on the other hand, who feel more adventurous and already have some experience, the ideal is to tackle more distant and demanding destinations. From this point of view, theAfrica offers unforgettable experiences! Go on south africa deserts and of Namibia, to the voodoo rites of West Africa. Wonderful safaris in the Botswanawith its incredible nature, to trekking in Uganda in search of mountain gorillas.

And again, let’s not forget the attractive ones oriental atmospheres India or Nepal, with their temples and their sacred rites. Even in America, young people find space for exciting adventures, to discover the myth of California, the liveliness of New York or the complex Hawaiian nature surrounded by volcanoes, forests and white sand beaches.