Sake: what is it and where to taste it in Tokyo


Sakè: what is it and where to taste it in Tokyo, in Viaggi nel Mondo’s post

sake identify a people: as well as a pizza for Italy, this one alcoholic drink is famous in Japan. This is drunk with good two thousand years and its ancient tradition has been passed down from generation to generation. The Sakecalled in japan nihonshuis a fortified wine with a typically oriental fragrance, resulting from the fermentation of rice and waterwith the addition of mold spores, the Kojiwhich allows its saccharification.

To be of good quality, an excellent raw material must be available: good rice and water without impurities. For a perfect tasting, the masuthat is, a square bowl made of cedar wood, which further enhances its organoleptic characteristics.

Let’s see in this post from Viaggi nel Mondo, some curiosities about sake and where to taste it in the Japanese capital Tokyo. Welcome to our portal!

Sake: different varieties, one fame

Today there are many varieties of Sake, depending on the quantity and quality of the rice used and whether or not distilled alcohol is added.

The most common varieties of Sake they have one alcohol content around 15-16 degrees, so not excessively strong and have a delicate, sweet taste, which also goes well with Western foods. In fact, Italy seems to be among the main importers of Sakeeven ahead of Great Britain.

His notoriety is now omnipresent. Just think of the ever-increasing number of Japanese places to enjoy sushi. At the end of lunch, a glass of sake is the gift you should never refuse.

Some curiosities about sake:

  • The best sake is served cold;
  • Sake should be savored in small sips and never drunk in one sip;

Now that we have seen some curiosities about sake, let’s see together where to taste it in the Japanese capital Tokyo. Keep reading our in-depth analysis!

Where to taste sake in Tokyo: cellars, bars, restaurants

In the surrounding countryside outside of Tokyo it is possible to participate in certain organized visits to discover the establishments and the sake production process. Among these, it is worth mentioning one of the most famous, namely the winery Ozawa Shuzo of the brand Sawanoi. Here, the tastings are framed by the magnificent view of a garden terrace, where you can also organize pleasant picnics. The winery is located along the Tama River, in the neighborhood Okutamain the western area of ​​the Japanese capital.

Another remarkable winery is Ishikawa Brewery of Foussa, founded in 1863. The buildings of this winery, with typical Japanese architecture, make all passing tourists fall in love. Here the guided tours and tastings offer customers the opportunity to discover a wide variety of Sake, produced according to Japanese tradition, with the use of high quality ingredients. Nearby is also an excellent Italian restaurant if you have the melancholy of local cuisine.

If until recently the Sake was considered a drink for the elderly, today it has been widely re-evaluated and rediscovered even by young people and so, for taste it in tokyo, You are spoiled for choice. In the innumerable clubs of the city, the Sake and you can buy bottles of rare elegance and value. In some restaurants, there are even special refrigerators which can be used independently for a tasting at the end of the meal. Kanpai!