The 5 best neighborhoods to stay in Tenerife


Tenerife is one of the most fascinating islands in the world. The weather is always nice at all times of the year, there is the sea, there is the mountain, you can admire unmissable views. And that’s why there are several areas in which it is possible to stay. So much so that many Italian retirees decide to spend the rest of their lives there, in complete relaxation and in an enviable climate for all.

So much so that, by custom, it is divided between the North, more mountainous, and the South, more maritime. Let’s start from the southern area to understand the best places to stay in this wonderful island.

Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas

When we talk about the south of Tenerife, we inevitably think of Los Cristianos and Playa de las Amèricas. Two relatively close fields, which have in common the fact of being very touristic. It is no coincidence that the choice here is very wide, since you can find luxury resorts but also hotels for families and children.

This area is characterized by having the sea and clubs suitable for young people who want to have fun. Without however forgetting the families, with many possibilities of sports like surfing. If the area has intrigued you and you don’t know which hotel to book, you can take a look at this page where you will find the hotels in Tenerife among the most selected by Italians.

El Medano and Costa del Silencio

Too many people bothering you? Are you relatively interested in nightlife? Then you can opt for the Costa del Silencio or El Médano. Without forgetting Los Abrigos and Las Gallettas. We are still south but a little further west.

The peculiarity of these areas is certainly the fact that it’s a bit more windy compared to other parts of the island. This, however, makes the context suitable for those who want to go windsurfing. The sea is clean and there are still bars and small clubs, although to a lesser extent than in Las Americas.

Costa Adeje

A perfect place for families. Exclusive, quiet, amazing beaches and it’s not even that hot (by island standards). Seaside situation whose fulcrum is Fanabe Beach. The latter is a very beautiful special beach: it is indeed dark and is even equipped with small play areas for children. There are also many nice bars, restaurants, pizzerias, shops, etc.

It is also interesting that several excursions depart from here for the northern part of the island.

santa cruz

Now let’s move on to the north of Tenerife, from the capital, Santa Cruz. It goes without saying that, being the capital, it has all the services a citizen could dream of (and is also effectively connected to the South).

Here you can find museums, attractions and even one of the world heritage sites, San Cristòbal de La Laguna. The sensitive point? Yes it is located on the sea but it doesn’t have a beach and the first is about 10 kilometers away. It is an artificial beach and it would be Las Teresitas. If you suffer from the heat in summer, it is advisable to visit Santa Cruz in February because a beautiful Carnival is organized.

San Cristobal de la Laguna

We have already mentioned it and it is such a shame to come to Tenerife and not visit this authentic jewel since spectacular historic center, characteristic and unique. Additionally, San Cristòbal de la Laguna is also a focal point for many students, as it is also a university district.

Two final points: San Cristòbal de La Laguna is located about 600 meters above sea level and is a little colder than the coast.