Vacationing at an Airbnb home, they exchange affection on the couch and discover they’re being spied on by a hidden webcam: ‘It was shocking’

Vacationing at an Airbnb home, they exchange affection on the couch and discover they're being spied on by a hidden webcam: 'It was shocking'

A nightmare. That of someone who had booked an apartment on Airbnb in Spain and discovered one webcam who recorded them secretly. Mike and Michaela Kennedy of Cardiffin the Walesthey recounted their experience which literally ruined their vacation.

They rent a house on Airbnb, discover a hidden camera

The couple, who run a campervan hire company, were driving around northern Spain when they decided to take a short break and stop in Zaralejo, about 40 km northwest of Madrid. Così per la prenotazione dell’alloggio si affidano al site web di affitti per vacanze a breve fini Airbnb e proprio lì trovano le immagini di una casa pulita e graziosa circumdata da splendidi giardini, situata in a posizione comoda come base per la loro visita nella capital Spanish. Once there, however, the setting was not quite as pictured: dilapidated accommodation, gardens infested with insects for this reason, the first hours of their stay Mike and Michaela spent cleaning the house dead flies.

But what horrified the Kennedys the most was what they discovered hidden on the wall soon after. After relaxing, the two indulge in effusions on the sofa and soon after they realize that there was a hidden camera on the wall. Mounted near the top of the wall, masked as if to look like a motion sensor or air freshener, was a small white camera.

As Mike, 55, told The Sun Online, they had already had a terrible impression of the place and seeing that webcam was “the icing on the cake”. He said, “Unfortunately, we had nowhere to go.”

The complaint

Nothing was as pictured, “And 140 euros a night wasn’t exactly cheap Besides dealing with dead flies and gods pile of garbage on the property, the Kennedys also had an all-nighter due to the after industrial pump in the bathroom which started at 11pm and was noisy all night. When we were packing the next morning, I noticed the camera on the living room wall, pointing directly at the living room. It was small enough to suggest it was a motion sensor, it looked more like a phone camera. The invasion of privacy was even more violent after he realized that the place where we had sex was directly in view of the camera.

Although they had booked the property for three nights, they left the first morning after spotting the camera. Mike complained to the owner, Luis, the next morning and said they would leave early.

The host’s “apologies”

We contacted him the morning of our departure. He said we should have expected bugs as the place was in the countryside. Mike didn’t tell Luis about the camera, knowing he would later link the issue to the complaint he filed with Airbnb. And that’s what he did: he described the service as shocking, and I was told that for security reasons Airbnb may install CCTV systems. They later offered him a 50% refund and closed the case, but Mike continued to pursue his complaint. He has since been granted a full refund, while the company has also offered to reimburse the Kennedys for additional expenses.

It was a traumatic experience. I told them this property should not be listed it is so run down. Needs a makeover it’s disgusting. He didn’t even have a kettle or a toaster“.

An Airbnb spokesperson told The Sun Online: We have suspended this host while we investigate and provide the guest with our full support. We enforce strict policies on recording devices and take action on rare issues brought to our attention.

The company says that while surveillance devices are allowed in common areas like this, hosts must fully disclose any security cameras or other facility surveillance equipment on their list. Devices cannot be hidden and are also prohibited in private spaces such as bathrooms, bedrooms or other sleeping areas.