What to see in Cape Town, the capital of South Africa

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What to see in Cape Town, the capital of South Africa, in the World Travel ticket

A bright, very green city, so new and modern that the most beautiful monuments to see are mostly natural spaces! The sea is the absolute protagonist, although the surrounding mountains offer spectacular viewpoints. You never get bored in Cape Town. Come and find out why in the new post dedicated to Cape Town, the capital of South Africa, from World Travel!

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Where is Cape Town

Cape Town (Cape Town in English) is the capital of South Africa and is the capital of the Western Cape Province and is geographically located at the northern end of the Cape Peninsula.

Less than 50 km separate it from the point that gives its name to the whole region, or Cape of Good Hope, the stormy meeting point of the two oceans, the Indian and the Atlantic.

The inhabited area rises at the bottom of a green pondbordered on the south by the sea and on the other side by mountains, including Table Mountain, the most famous.

Cape Town is the southernmost point of the continent of africa.

Here is the map of Cape Town:

cape town map

Cape people

More than 3 million inhabitants form the urban area of ​​Cape Town. Of these, only 18% are descendants of European colonizers. More than 31% are African, 48% are mixed race of Afro-European origin and 2% are mixed race of Asian (mainly Indian) descent. Very high density, with more than a thousand people per km / q.

Cape Town Climate

The climate of the Cape region is similar to that of southern Italy: a Mediterranean climate.

In fact, it is hot and windy in summer, mild in winter, with rare cold days.

The wettest months are those of June, July and August which correspond here to winter (here the seasons are reversed).

South Africa coin

The official currency of South Africa is the rand, which is worth about 0.051 euros in exchange. So, if you are traveling to the South African country, you must make the change before departure or take a credit card.

Getting around in Cape Town

international airport Cape Town is the second largest in South Africa and is well connected to the city center which is 22 km from here.

Connections are guaranteed by bus of the MyCiTi line and efficient (but expensive!) taxis.

MyCiTi buses are also used for urban transport and are fast and reliable. You can easily rent a car, provided you know how to adapt to English driving (driving here is on the right).

What to see in Cape Town

Beautiful and modern, Cape Town also offers several monuments of historical or landscape interest. The port area is the most fascinating, it still has that colonial flavor that makes it special for tourists. Especially, the Victoria & Albert waterfrontan area of ​​shops, clubs and promenades overlooking the sea.

In the South African city, there are the following attractions to visit:

  • Botanical gardens Company’s Garden, around which rises the historic quarter;
  • city ​​market Green Market Square Building;
  • Astronomical observatoryin the southern outskirts of the city;
  • Constantiathe district of the rich, between Hollywood villas and green avenues;
  • St. George’s Cathedral, a beautiful Anglican church;
  • Beaches, notably that of Boulders and that of the surfers of Bloubergstrand;
  • Monument to African Languages, representative of all the heterogeneity present in the country;
  • mountain table, the “flat” mountain overlooking the city. Besides being one of the most beautiful natural monuments, it offers a breathtaking 360 degree panoramic point;
  • Robben Islandthe island lost in the middle of the ocean currents on which Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison to the structure that still tells his memory;
  • Cape of good hope, which is located 47 km from the center and is the meeting point between the two oceans. Here it is possible to visit a beautiful nature reserve, made up of fauna such as ostriches, antelopes, wildebeest, warthogs and baboons, or flora such as the typical fynbos;

What to eat in Cape Town

Typical South African cuisine it relies heavily on corn, polenta and fruit, especially apricots.

The most famous dishes here are the spicy Boerewors sausages, meat and vegetable stew, Melkert – pie made with milk and cinnamon.


What to do at night in Cape Town

In the evening, entertainment, shows and good music take pride of place in two districts in particular: the Port Waterfront and the “artists” district, i.e. Bo Kaap.

In particular, we find here Bob’s Bar, Beerhouse On Long, Arcade Cafe and many other trendy places. There is no shortage of theaters and symphonic concerts.

table bay port cape town
Table Bay Harbor Cape Town

Our Cape Town story ends here. See you next time with the stories of the most beautiful African cities, by Viaggi nel Mondo!