What to see in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam

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What to see in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam in the World Travel ticket

In terms of notoriety and number of inhabitants, it always comes after the rival city, Ho Chi Minhbut woe to underestimate the real capital of Vietnam. Hanoi is indeed a modern center which, however, has never renounced the intense flavor of its past, to build a particular identity for itself, appreciated by all the tourists who decide to visit it every year.

In this post we see together the Vietnamese city, little known but worth a visit. Happy reading from the Travel in the World team!


Where is Hanoi

The capital of Vietnam is located in the northeast region of the country, on the right bank of the Red River and about 130 km from its mouth. But the surrounding area is full of waterways, indeed the name of the city itself – Hanoi – It means “in the middle of the rivers“.

A curiosity ?

Vietnam’s capital rises in a hollow below sea level, it is therefore often prone to flooding.

With the metropolitan area it counts in everything 7,587,800 inhabitantswith a remarkable density: 2,268 people per km/q!

Here is the map of Hanoi:

hanoi map

Climate Hanoi

Hanoi has a climate hot and very humid. In winter the “lowest” temperature is 20°C, while in summer the humidity exceeds 35°C.

The months to avoid, because of the torrential rains, are June, July and August.

vietnamese currency

The currency used is the Dong, equivalent to 0.000039 Euro, very favorable for the Western tourist. If you are traveling to Vietnam, you will therefore have to make the change or take a credit card.

How to get around Hanoi

In Hanoi we travel better on the traineven if the metro lines are still incomplete.

The traffic is very chaotic, so it is best to turn to Taxi or rent bikes.

Noi Bai International Airport is 15 km from the city center in Soc Son district.

What to see in Hanoi

Hanoi is full of monuments fascinating, even if it is not necessarily very old.

Let’s see together the main attractions of the city:

  • The Temple of Literature (1070) which was the first university in Asia, is one of the most beautiful but none equals the grandeur of the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum (1945);
  • The presidential palace it is an austere yellow building from the end of the 19th century and with the modern;
  • Long Well Bridge it is one of the prides of the capital;
  • The Lake of the Returned Sword it is also worth a visit;

hanoi bridge

The places not to be missed during holidays in Hanoi are also:

  • the “one pillar” pagodaan incredible Chinese-style building that leans on the water moat with a single large central column;
  • the perfume pagoda, which is about 60 km southwest of the center of Hanoi. It also offers unique natural glasseswith its path that crosses forest and rice fields surrounded by greenery;
  • the Great Church, the latter is a French Catholic cathedral dedicated to Saint Joseph, which reproduces the forms of the Gothic Notre-Dame de Paris;
one pillar pagoda hanoi
Ruud / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)

What to eat in Hanoi

In Hanoi, “street food” is very popular and very good. Try, pork meatballs Bun Chagrilled chicken wings, Muc Nuong (dried calamari served in a spicy sauce) or vegetable soup Pho.

In the restaurants, excellent fish dishes are also served, such as Cha Ca – fish, spaghetti and vegetables fried on the spot in front of the customer. And there is no shortage of Vietnamese spring rolls, a real typical dish of the place.

vietnamese food
vietnamese food

What to do at night in Hanoi

One of the trendiest places in Hanoi is the square of the big church, where young people drink and play together. Other points full of clubs and live music are Ta Hien Street and Dong Xuan Night Market.

Little nightlife in Hanoi, evening entertainment takes place mostly indoors.

sunset in hanoi

Our post dedicated to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, ends here. See you next time with trips around the world from World Travels!