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What to see in Montreal in the World Travel ticket

Montreal is a city on an island and as such it already offers so much magic. It is also the second largest city in Canada and the largest in Quebec.

The forest of skyscrapers presents it to us as a very modern center, but its ancient heart does not escape attentive tourists. Let’s discover the secrets of the “French heart” of the country in the new post dedicated to “American trips” by Viaggi nel Mondo!

Where is Montreal

Montreal is located on an island formed by the confluence of two great rivers, the Outaouais and the St. Lawrence. The city center covers the whole island, the suburbs extend over 74 other islets and part of the mainland. The region is located in the southeast of the province of Quebec.

Here is the map of Montreal:

map of montreal

Residents of Montreal

The inhabitants of the metropolitan area are beyond 4 million, divided into 6 districts.

Among the ethnic groups, the most numerous is French, followed by the Italian and Anglo-Irish communities. The minorities are of Asian, Inuit and African descent.

Climate Montreal

Montreal’s climate is unstable, because located at the center of different climatic bands from Canada.

There can be hot or mild summers, depending on the year, and freezing or barely snowy winters. In winter, the temperature can drop to -20°C.

Canadian currency

The currency used is the canadian dollar, which is worth 0.66 euros. If you are traveling to Canada, it is advisable to change or take a credit card.

Getting around Montreal

Montreal has a very efficient urban and regional transportation system, which work together.

Buses, trains and the metro form a whole that makes it easy to get around everywhere.

The advantage of kilometers of “underground city” which follows the route of the metro and – via escalators and moving walkways – avoids rush hour traffic.

international airport it is 45 minutes by motorway from the center.

What to see in Montreal

The first thing to see in Montreal is the old town, the center of the homonymous island; here between Place Jacques Cartier and Rue Saint Paul are all the historic buildings (18th, 19th and 20th centuries) of the city.

Between a museum, a theater and a historic street you will admire: the neo-gothic basilica of Notre Dame de MontréalSt. Patrick’s Cathedral, the charming Place d’Armes, the Bank building and the old Port.

To admire again you will find in the city:

  • Jean Talon Marketwhere you can find food and artisan specialties;
  • botanical gardens which also house the Observatory tower;
  • Biosphere Museum;
  • Museum of Modern Art;
  • Chinese district;
  • Monte Royal Suburban Parkfrom which the whole city derives its name;
montreal biosphere museum
Biosphere Museum

Places not to be missed

A must for tourists is the so-called Madeword derived from the deformation of network (network), indicating i 32 km of shopping malls, transport routes and even underground hotels.

This solution was created to avoid the paralysis of activities during the long freezing winters, but today it is also a major tourist attraction.

In short, a “city within the city”, to be discovered.

What to eat in Montreal

Montreal specialties are: salmon dishes (grilled, steamed, raw… as you like!), potatoes in all formats – in this regard, try Poutinefries covered with black cheese.

Other specialties, smoked beef with sauces and sweet donut with honey donut.

Montreal salmon

What to do at night in Montreal

In the evening, in Montreal, you can stroll among an infinity of choices to continue until dawn.

The concert halls of the Little Italy district are beautiful, but the good music and the craziest parties are in the Latin Quarter (Saint Houblon, Shoby, The Red Tiger…) Around Place des Arts.

For those looking for transgression, especially that of the gay world and red light clubs, it is to be found at the village.

In summer, the center of nightlife is rue Saint-Catherine.

Montreal at night

Our article about discovering Montreal, Canada ends here. See you next time with trips around the world, again via Viaggi nel Mondo!