Where to go on vacation in winter 2023: the best destinations – Travel ideas

Where to go on vacation in winter 2023: the best destinations - Travel ideas

Where to enter holidays in winter 2023? What are the best destinations reach in Europe and in the world winter months?

Every time the Winter Here are the dreams of seasoned travelers that fall into two main categories that oscillate between two very different types of vacations: cold, snowy landscapes and warm tropical beaches.

While some may feel ready to escape the cold by donning minimalist costumes to feel the sun scorch on their skin, others want to multiply the dose of frost by maybe donning a pair of skis on snowy mountains.

Whether you are celebrating a cocktail on the beach or a mulled wine in front of the lit fireplace, there are many fascinating destinations in Europe and around the world which, for different reasons, in winter reach the peak of their beauty. .

Imposing mountains, heavenly beaches, cities of art with Christmas markets, wilderness adventures, illuminated ice castles, there is no shortage of activities at all latitudes.

For this we have chosen some of the most interesting destinations to reach around the world to live a fantastic experience winter vacation abroad.

Lapland, Finland

Located right on the Arctic Circle, the Finnish Lapland region is one of the most distinctive winter destinations, ideal for winter holidays with family or couples.

In addition to indulging in traditional local winter activities such as dog sledding and snowmobiling or staying in a igloo hotelHere you can admire the natural spectacle of the Northern Lights, as the long, dark winters make this part of Europe an ideal viewing spot, particularly between January and March when special expeditions are organized with expert local guides.

For the little ones and for all those who want to live a fairy tale in Lapland, you can visit the incredible Santa Claus Village, among reindeer, houses and gift packages.

Prague, Czech Republic


Prague is known as one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe, but in winter, with its snow-covered spiers and festively decorated cobblestone streets, it reaches the height of its charm.

When dusted with white snow, Prague seems to become a painted canvas against which the Gothic architecture of the romantic Old Town stands out, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, providing the perfect backdrop for savoring sweet treats and warm up with a glass of mulled wine, while strolling through wrought-iron lampposts, Romanesque towers and arches, Charles Bridge, St. Vitus Cathedral and Prague Castle, without being surrounded by the crowds of tourists who flock to the city in the summer.

In December, Wenceslas Squares and the Old Town become the center of Christmas activity, with markets selling traditional local produce, ornaments, Christmas carols and festive lights illuminating every corner.

While between January and February comes the Masopust, the famous Carnival of Prague with great masked balls, papier-mâché puppets on allegorical floats accompanied by music and dances.

swiss alps

For winter holidays in the snow nearby Swiss with its Alps, it offers perfect landscapes to venture on all kinds of slopes with a pair of skis.

With snow-capped forests, frozen peaks and mirror lakes to skate on, the Swiss Alps offer a thousand leisure activities in nature or a more scenic and relaxing ride aboard the Ice Cream Expressthe iconic red train known as one of the slowest and most scenic express trains in Europe.

The Swiss Alps are home to ideal places for a winter holiday such as the ski resort of Interlaken strategically placed between two lakes in an alpine valley in the middle of the Alps close to many renowned high peaks such as the Eiger and the Jungfrau where you can practice mountain activities such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking around the lakes, picturesque villages and forests of the Bernese Oberland, taking advantage of comfortable reception facilities.

Another Swiss place to visit in winter is Zermattsurrounded by the highest peaks of the Alps, with hundreds of km of slopes and four huge ski areas where the snow never fails.

This charming alpine village sits at the foot of the Matterhorn, Switzerland’s most famous mountain, and is served by an efficient, state-of-the-art ski lift system and stylish après-ski diversions.


Those who prefer to escape the serpentine winter cold can point the compass to warm, heavenly shores for a dream vacation in theMaldives archipelagoan iconic and coveted destination especially during our winter.

The archipelago of islands in the Indian Ocean represents the perfect escape from the winter cold to pristine beaches lapped by crystal clear seas in a thousand shades of blue.

Lounging on a white sand beach under a palm tree, indulging in scuba diving and snorkeling, staying in luxury resorts with houses on stilts over the water, are the activities that will make winter unforgettable. and for the most nostalgic in many resorts it is possible to rediscover the Christmas atmosphere with markets, meetings with Father Christmas for the little ones and meals with traditional local menus.

Lyon, France

Lyon is one of the most iconic cities in all of France and winter is one of the best times of year to see it in all its glory.

In addition to its architectural and cultural attractions, winter highlights the special activities and events that animate this lively French city, located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

There are many options to have a wonderful winter adventure in Lyon and discover French culture, from visiting museums to silk shops, going skiing in the Alps, strolling the elegant streets of the center and enjoying the incredible festival of lights!

The Fête des Lumières, or Festival of Lights, is a special event held each year where a series of colorful lights are displayed for four days, displaying a brilliant combination of technology and art.

One of the most impressive aspects of this festival is how the lights complement the city’s impressive architecture, offering the best of new lights and old structures, especially in Place Bellecour, between the Rhône and Saône rivers. .

Only a few kilometers from several ski resorts with snowy slopes open in winter, Lyon offers a wide choice of destinations for alpine skiing, including Les Sept Laux or St François Longchamp where you can opt for more difficult slopes or for initiate.


Mexico Beaches

A fantastic winter destination abroad is Mexico without limits with its wide variety of landscapes ranging from the tropical forests of the far south to the arid deserts of the Baja California peninsula, the Caribbean coasts of the Gulf of Mexico and a large part of the central and southern Pacific.

The stops to find the best climate in winter are along the west coast on the north side towards the Riviera Nayarit with many natural wonders and scenic beauties to discover with hundreds of km of pristine coastline and sunny all year round on background of the Sierra Madre mountains.

Another place considered to have the best climate in Mexico is around Lake Chapala, south of Guadalajara, the largest lake in Mexico and one of the paradises dotted with small towns and villages along the coast surrounded by mountains where there is a unique microclimate and it is never too hot or too cold.

Cambodia: what to see and when to go

Part of Cambodia’s dry season runs from November to January, making this small country nestled on the Indochina peninsula an ideal destination for an off-the-beaten-path winter trip to Southeast Asia.

Dotted with ancient temples, white sand beaches and pristine jungle, Cambodia looks like a mosaic of elements and shades with ancient temples and ruins like the splendid temple complex of Angkor Wat remnant of the Khmer Empire , the beaches of Sihanoukville, the sunset over the Mekong in Kratie, Bokor National Park, the paradise island of Koh Rong and the peaceful island of bamboo, the pepper plantations and night markets of Kampot, the countryside “rice bowl” of Battambang, the lakeside villages of Tonle Sap and the bustling capital city of Phnom Penh.

All destinations to fully explore through unusual and fun activities such as river cruises, bike rides among majestic temples, bathing with elephants, Khmer cuisine tastings and traditional Apsara dance performances.

Cambodia can offer a complete travel experience with an infinity of tourist, natural and cultural suggestions capable of satisfying the expectations of visitors.