Carnival 2023 offers: travel, flights and top destinations – Travel ideas

Carnival 2023 offers: travel, flights and top destinations - Travel ideas

THEIn this useful guide you will find all the useful information about what to do, destinations, parties, dates and offers to fly at Carnival.

Carnival Dates 2023

The arrival of Carnival it’s an excellent opportunity to organize an escape, a trip and take part in the most beautiful parties in the world.

fat week, Carnival week which precedes Ash Wednesday, this year runs from February 14 to 21, 2023.

In the Ambrosian rite, on the other hand, the fat week also includes the days that go from Ash Wednesday to the following Sunday.


Carnival 2023 Flight Deals

From Italy there are valid offers to fly to Europe and Italy for Carnival and take advantage of a long weekend in February for a trip different from the others.

You can fly from February 18 to take advantage of Carnival Sunday. On the other hand, those with more time available can take it out until February 21 enjoying the full Mardi Gras celebrations.

You will find below some offers to fly to Carnival from Italy by spending less than 100 euros round trip.

  • From Milan you can get to Cologne Carnival from 55 euros round trip with Ryanair.
  • There are good offers to fly from Rome to Malta Carnival, from 90 euros return.
  • At Barcelona Carnival you can fly from 65 euros from Milan (one way with Vueling and return with Ryan).
  • Also from Milan you can fly with Ryan to Düsseldorf Carnival from 20 euros a / r.
  • From Milan, you can also fly to the Nice Carnival with easyJet with offers from 95 euros return.


Carnival Offers 2023

Carnival Flight To offer
Carnival in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Milan – Las Palmas 120 euros return
Malaga Carnival Milan – Malaga 65 euros return
Malaga Carnival Rome – Malaga 44 euros return
Carnival of Rio Bologna – Rio de Janeiro 470 euros round trip
Venice Carnival Napoli – Venice 54 euros return
Mainz Carnival Milan – Frankfurt 40 euros return
Mainz Carnival Pisa – Frankfurt 40 euros return
Villans Carnival Milan – Lisbon 45 euros return
Villans Carnival Rome – Lisbon 44 euros return
Tenerife Carnival Rome – Santa Cruz de Tenerife 180 euros return

Carnival 2023 in Italy

All over Italy there is a billboard full of events to celebrate Carnival. From north to south, many cities will host, from mid-January, the most beautiful carnival parties and parades (you will find everything about carnival in Italy here).

The most famous is certainly that of Venice which awaits you with period masks and dresses.

Paper mache floats, masks and parades await you for the Carnival of Viareggio which will keep you company from February 4 to 25.

One of the most interesting Carnival celebrations is the one that takes place every year in Ivrea. The symbol of the historical Carnival of Ivrea is the Battle of the Oranges which is the historical reinterpretation, in a carnivalesque key, of a real event in which the people rebelled against a tyrannical general.

In the province of Ascoli Piceno, ad Offida, an unmissable carnival will take place that begins with the handing over of the keys to the city to historical groups. Don’t miss Lu Bov Fint, a re-enactment of the ox hunt, recreated in papier-mâché. Here is the information and dates on the Carnival of Offida.

To Putignano one of the oldest carnivals in Europe is organized, the oldest in Europe and also the longest in duration. The carnival season begins with the exchange of the candle and the Propaggini, a rhyming recitation in the Putignanese dialect in which the powerful of the city are mocked. Here you will find all the information about the carnival of Putignano.


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Carnival 2023: travel ideas

The carnival is the first useful event to organize a weekend out of town before the arrival of the bridges of spring. You can join one of the cities involved in the big parties, such as the German cities on the banks of the Rhine, or, for the more daring, those of the Brazil.

The Canary Islands celebrate one of the most beautiful and colorful carnivals in Europe: all the islands, villages, even the smallest ones, and towns come alive with music and parties.

The mythical Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria or that of Santa Cruz de Tenerife are just some of the most famous. The celebrations begin in the last days of January and last until February 25. Here you will find information about Carnival in the Canary Islands.

Or you can choose from one of the most traditional carnivals in Germany: among the most beautiful are those in Cologne, Düsseldorf and the German-speaking Swabian carnival in Baden-Württemberg.

Carnival 2023 abroad

If you wish to offer yourself a weekend abroad, you will find on this link the selection of the most beautiful Carnival celebrations in Europe. Here you will find the most beautiful carnival parties in the world.

Those traveling to the Canary Islands or Brazil can think about organizing the trip by moving between the different carnivals, which is a good idea also for those flying to Germany. from Frankfurt you can take a short tour along the Rhine towns where the celebrations are some of the most beautiful and craziest.


Every year in Tenerife there is a big party on the occasion of Carnival. On the Friday before Mardi Gras, a spectacular parade will mark the start of the Fiesta with thousands of masked people ready to shoot until dawn.

Throughout the carnival period, the island will be invaded by showy masked characters, parades of musical floats, local and South American folk dance performances, such as the prestigious samba school competition, which will accompany the colorful parades.


The event par excellence is the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, the great party that has its roots in the tradition of the Portuguese settlers who brought the party to Brazil, which today has become a popular destination for all travelers from around the world.

The Barranquilla Carnival it is, after the carnival of Rio de Janeiro, the second most important carnival in Latin America: it is a fusion of European, African and Indian traditions.

The party reaches its climax the following Saturday with the Battle of las Flores where you can witness an unbridled festival of colors in a unique battle of colors, flowers and beauty.

reach the the Canary Islands to experience the most exotic European carnival. It is celebrated in the cities and almost in all the small towns of the archipelago.

Among the most famous festivals are the Carnival of Tenerife, that of Las Palmas, that of Lanzarote and those of the island of La Palma.

In India, the most beautiful Carnival is celebrated in Goa where the great Carnival Party is made of music, dances and colors. It was introduced by the Portuguese settlers who ruled the city and has attracted thousands of visitors from all over the world ever since.

To Trinidad and Tobagoa Caribbean island near the coast of Venezuela, Carnival is celebrated in an irrepressible and colorful way.

The celebrations are of French origin and the highlight of Trinidad Carnival is the Mardi Gras parade when teams organized and dressed in historical themes parade through the streets of the city.