Evolution Travel leader in Seychelles travel – Tg10.it

Evolution Travel leader in Seychelles travel - Tg10.it

The vacation dream in the wonderful islands of the Seychelles it’s easier to do with Evolution Journey – travel agency and tour operator, with more than 800 online travel advisors organizing tailor-made holidays in the most beautiful places in the world – very popular with travelers who from January 2022 to today, it ranks third in Italy for the number of travel sales among the splendid archipelago islands in the Indian Ocean.

A positive trend that demonstrates the results of the diligent training that Evolution Travel’s travel consultants carry out with consistency and commitment, to offer safe, personalized and well-organized travel solutions.

Normally the number of rooms in the Seychelles is low and there is a very strong possibility of overbooking, moreover the flights are often full and to take advantage of the best opportunities and proposals it is necessary to do it well in advance.

For this and many other reasons, the preparation of online travel advisors is essential to go to the paradise islands and do so by living authentic experiences.

Evolution Travel consultants specializing in the Seychelles destination have undergone high-level trainingwith final exam and certification for successful applicants.

“An important training event was also the specialized course we provided last year, consisting of 10 lessons focusing on all the particular aspects of Seychelles – he explains. Cristina Giro, travel consultant and Seychellois reference by Evolution Travel -.

In the last lesson, there was also the head of the STB (Seychelles tourism body) who also supported us with her contribution.

It was a neat and in-depth training event that, in addition to providing knowledge, also fascinated the participants who grasped the beauty of the destination and began to offer and sell it”.

In addition, the open days organized directly in collaboration with the Seychelles Tourism Board were fundamental, the last one took place on September 3 in Bologna and the Ethiopian airline and the Hilton Hotels & Resorts chain also participated, as well as the various fam trips (travel familiarization training) organized with Evolution Travel consultants were also decisive. Qatar and the 5-star luxury chain Constance also took part in a recent open day in Rome.

“Seychelles more than any other destination must be proposed and explained in detail – he underlines Antonella Giuliano, Seychelles travel consultant and reference by Evolution Travel -.

This isn’t your typical all-inclusive Caribbean vacation; they also stand out from other places in the Indian Ocean such as the Maldives or Mauritius because they must be experienced, visited to be fully appreciated.

It therefore takes a lot of patience to transmit these concepts, first to fellow consultants, but above all to clients who expect the “village” typology, which does not exist here”.

“Our strength is undoubtedly the knowledge of the destination – he explains Bruno Bottaro, Evolution Travel consultant and tour operator specializing in the Seychelles islands -.

It is essential to go to the Seychelles several times, to focus on training, both through e-learning and by organizing open days throughout Italy, to stipulate good contracts with hotels, in order to ‘to be competitive on the market, and to be always present on social networks and on Google with continuous advertising campaigns’.

That is why many choose Evolution Travel precisely to organize a trip to the enchanting archipelago.