tracked down and eventually arrested. Two others are also handcuffed

 tracked down and eventually arrested.  Two others are also handcuffed

PADUA – Three men were arrested during the services organized in the city by the Generalized Criminal Section of the Mobile Squad of the Prefecture of Police of Padua, which also found and seized more than 700 grams of narcotics. From Noventa Padovana to Brusegana, from Guizza to Arcella, a 32-year-old Tunisian and a 24-year-old Tunisian and a 38-year-old Nigerian, the latter seeking international protection, have been identified and handcuffed in recent days.

The 32-year-old drug trafficker, already known with several Criminal record behind him, he was framed by a particular way he had studied of going to stock up on narcotics to resell them. In fact, he had been engaging gods for quite some time. abusive taxi drivers be accompanied from Padua to different areas of the urban belt. Just by monitoring his movements in constantly changing cars and driven by equally different people, the agents have organized a series of stalkings in recent days.
Late Monday, they saw the Tunisian get into the man’s car and followed him to Tombelle di Saonara, where he got off in the dark parking lot of a small public park. Covering his head with the hood, he walked along the perimeter wall of a building, only to return to the car moments later. The vehicle left and with it the chase continued to Oltrebrenta in Noventa.
The agents immobilized the driver to prevent him from starting the report, while the Tunisian, seated in the back, attacked the police in an attempt to flee on foot. The man driving turned out to be a abusive taxi driver unaware of North African trade. The latter, on the other hand, was searched and found on him a block of 632 grams of cocaine, which put on the retail market would have brought in tens of thousands of euros. The 32-year-old man was arrested and taken to Due Palazzi prison.

A 38-year-old Nigerian man, previously washed, also found himself handcuffed over the weekend, discovered by officers in a flat in via Riccati in Brusegana where police arrived on suspicion of illegal immigrants there were accommodated. The man was in a room with 25 cocaine eggs and 470 euros in cash, believed to be the proceeds of illicit sales.
Same fate for a 24-year-old Tunisian, who came across a check-in via Santa Maria Assunta alla Guizza. The agents surprised him while he was selling two doses of cocaine to a client (later declared to the prefecture as a subcontractor) in exchange for 100 euros. An 18-year-old from Treviso was also identified on the spot, also reported to the Prefecture because she was discovered with hashish on her. The 24-year-old Tunisian, seeking international protection but who had already acquired a history of drug trafficking in Padua, was arrested.

The activities of the Paduan mobile squad have also returned to focus on the Arcella district with two separate interventions at the start of the week. In via Pietro Selvatico, in the Sant’Antonino district, the agents intervened on the recommendation of a resident who drew attention. A few moments earlier, in fact, he had seen two young people, seeing the police car passing along the road, throw an envelope under a parked vehicle. It was thus possible to recover 11 grams of hashish.
Finally, a service was also organized in the old Configliachi building in via Guido Reni, which had long since become a refuge for vagrants and drug traffickers. Part of the building is currently under construction and during a visit the agents noticed a young man emerge from the outside scaffolding and then flee. The stranger lost track, but where he had emerged a hole was found in the wall, large enough for a person to fit through, and inside 23 doses of cocaine and a slingshot. Also at Configliachi, ten days ago a window was also discovered in a grid to sell drugs to customers passing along the road.