The 5 most evocative mountain resorts in Italy. Classification !

Le 5 località di Montagna più suggestive d’Italia. La Classifica!

If we talk about pure mountains in Italy, there are 5 truly unmissable destinations where you can admire the natural spectacle of some of the most beautiful peaks in the world. Between the Alps and the Dolomites: passes, summits, mountains and unforgettable landscapes; here are the Top Five mountain resorts in Italy.

It’s time to start thinking about the goals of Mountain for our next trips. But what are they in Italy the locality After suggestive among those who have mountains as protagonists? There are at least 5 truly unmissable Italian destinations if you want to experience fairy tale scenarios with majestic peaks in the background. It is not so much a matter of taste, in this case, but objectively wonderful places to get lost among valleys, memorable passes and unique views. let’s see it classification of the Top 5 among the mountain resorts of Vecchio Stivale!

5. Cortina D’Ampezzo, Veneto: The 3 peaks reflected in the lake…


Here you will find 6 peaks which go beyond 3000 meters great, let’s start by saying this, let’s talk about Curtain. An exclusive place, appreciated by VIPs and mountain purists, Cortina is located in the Ampezzo Valley and is known to be the queen of Dolomites. Here in Cortina d’Ampezzo you will find the most disruptive mountains of the Ampezzo Dolomites, or the Tofane, 3 of the peaks that exceed 3000 meters in height: Tofana di Mezzo, Tofana di Dentro and Tofana di Rozes. In addition to the Tofane, here you can admire one of the undisputed symbols of the Dolomites: the 3 Peaks of Lavaredo. There is a scenic route you can follow, an easy circular path, which will allow you to admire the 3 peaks up close to capture every detail of this unique and truly unmissable scenario. Obviously you can’t say you’ve been to Cortina if you haven’t seen it too Misurina and its lake, in the waters of which are reflected the mountains of the Dolomites, including the 3 Peaks.

4. Bormio, Lombardy: At the Stelvio Pass!

Bormio Mountains

We are in Valtellinain the Stelvio National Park at 1225 meters above sea level; that’s where it is Bormioknown for its mountains, for the charming old town and for being a city that is home to some of the spas the most exclusive and spectacular in Italy. The very famous is also part of Bormio Comune Stelvio Pass, which is located almost 3000 meters above sea level; when it is said that the beauty of the journey lies in its path… Bormio and the Stelvio Pass feel challenged: the hairpin bends that lead to the Pass are in fact an intense and spectacular route that you can enjoy and photograph as well so as not to forget even for a moment!

3. Brunico, South Tyrol: The mountain with the “five blacks”!


Bruneck it is a truly suggestive destination, both for the splendid natural paradise than the Dolomites and the Val Pusteriaboth for the architectural spectacle represented by its Castle. Coming on vacation here means taking a ticket for a few days really far from the atmosphere that we are used to knowing. But let’s talk about the mountains and get to know the most important of Brunico: Wreath plan which is one of the few mountains in Italy to have the five blackor five black runs (this is the name of the very difficult ski slopes).

2. Madonna di Campiglio, Trentino: Between apogee and tradition!

Madonna di campiglio mountains

We are in the details, between first and second place. Really little “distance” between the most beautiful mountain destination in Italy and the destination that ranks second. On the central step of the podium is Madonna of Campigliowhich rises in the middle of a UNESCO heritagethe Adamello-Brenta Natural Park. Madonna di Campiglio is located in 1500 meters above sea level, and it is certainly one of the most loved places in the world if you are looking for destinations where the mountains know how to create natural theaters. Speaking of theaters and masks, however, it must be said that Madonna di Campiglio is also very famous for being a place where there is still space for traditionslike the famous cross-country skiing period costumeswhich takes place here every year, during the Carnival period.

1. Courmayeur, Val D’Aosta: At the foot of Mont Blanc!

Courmayeur Mountains

At the feet of his majesty the Mont Blancfound Courmayeur. A town of less than 3,000 inhabitants, Courmayeur is located on the border with France and Switzerland. In addition to being an exclusive place, which hosts high-level exhibitions in the various fields of art, cinema and publishing, Courmayeur has obviously become the popular destination it is, especially for its strategic position. at the foot of the King of the Alps. Mont Blanc with its 4810 meters of altitude has been included among the Seven Summits of the Planet, the group of highest mountains in the world and from here you can have a front row seat to enjoy the spectacle offered by its view!