Summer holidays 2022, record figures in Cabras!

In 2022, the Municipality of Cabras records an increase in tourist presence in accommodation structures and in beach attendance.

holidays in cabras

Thanks to the desire to restart that accompanied tourists, veterans of two years of stoppages to departures due to the pandemic, the administration led by Mayor Andrea Abis is registering a increase in tourist presence in accommodation facilities and beach attendance.

The figures which are deduced from the presences detected thanks to the control of the tourist tax and the service of car parks on the coast are significant.

Tourist tax data are compiled by the accommodation structures which record the declarations of overnight stays and by comparing with other years it can be seen that if for the whole of 2021 24 thousand overnight stays had been recorded, for a total of 62 thousand euros in taxes , in 2022 already on October 30 there were 29,000 overnight stays with an income of 76,000 euros, given that at the end of the year it will increase further. That is a + 21% in overnight stays compared to 2021 and a + 12%, compared to the record year 2019, with its 25,800 overnight stays.

Certainly positive results also with regard to coastal services. Against a gross income – from management fees and VAT – of 665 thousand euros recorded in 2021, this year the car parks on the coast have reached a total gross income of just over 900 thousand euros, with an increase of 37% compared to last year .

More specifically, the total receipts from parking meters, during the service period between mid-June and, for certain ranges, the beginning of October, reached almost 800,000 euros. Of these, 59% were paid electronically (cards or APP), a very high percentage and increasing compared to 2021 (42%). The number of tickets issued was approximately 136,300 compared to 125,900 in 2021, an increase of 8%. With these data, it is possible to estimate a total attendance on the beach of no less than 340,000 people.

Subscriptions recorded significant growth: from 2,507 in 2021 to 3,561 in 2021 with an increase of 40% and revenue of approximately 105 thousand euros.

In 2022, the costs of management and maintenance interventions have also increased to guarantee a more efficient service and a further improvement in the order and general cleaning of the coast, which reached more than 350 thousand euros. We are talking about the use of parking staff, which has increased by 30% in terms of hours, the increase in the number of parking meters in San Giovanni di Sinis and Mari Ermi to reduce waiting times at peak times , excellent waste collection, strengthening the maintenance of the coastal road network and the approach to beaches, mowing, development and maintenance of rest areas and services (dead sea pier , sanitary, plumbing and sanitation, vacuum cleaners, showers) and, new for this year 2022 , the preparation of special spaces for people with disabilities in San Giovanni di Sinis and Mari Ermi.

“The 2022 results prove us right and demonstrate the soundness of the political decisions implemented by this municipal administration for the management of tourism, especially that of summer. Innovative decisions, often opposed at the start, such as the introduction of the tourist tax, the careful management of coastal car parks or the closure of the historic center, and which are on the contrary bearing fruit, primarily for the benefit of tourist entrepreneurship , hospitality, catering and production of agricultural and fisheries excellence – says Mayor Andrea Abis with conviction -. Cabras has an environmental, cultural and social heritage that makes it a reality with a strong tourist vocation and we, as a political party, work to support and support the business world, encouraging this particularity and aiming for the expansion of the season tourism which must not be limited to the purely summer months”.