Four routes to discover Bruges on foot

Four routes to discover Bruges on foot

Itineraries that want to surprise – Besides the pleasure of an aimless stroll, you can also count on the advice of Visit Bruges, which has produced a guide with four walking routes of 4/5 kilometers that connect – according to tastes and needs – the city’s best-known attractions and lesser-known places. They range from the more classic “The unmissable places: extraordinary world heritage” to “Luxury and splendour: Burgundian opulence”. And again, for those looking for a slower pace and romantic atmospheres, the itinerary “A little relaxation: silent nostalgia”, to conclude with “A surprising modernity: contemporary highlights”. The common thread that underlies the four routes is the astonishment, like the title of the guide “Oooh! Bruges! “.

The route Extraordinary heritage of humanity leads directly to the heart of Bruges. A real must for new visitors to the city. In a few hours you will discover the main attractions of the rich UNESCO heritage of the historic center, splendid palaces, imposing churches and ancient squares to discover through amusing anecdotes. Not to be missed on this itinerary: The Beguinage and the St Janshospitaal Museum, the former Hospital of San Giovanni, now a museum dedicated to Hans Memling. This season, the museum is more than ever among the “Must-see places”, since it hosts until February 5, 2023 the exhibition Face to face with deathdedicated to Hugo van der Goes (1430-40 – 1482), who, along with Jan van Eyck and Hans Memling, was one of the greatest Flemish primitives. At the center of the exhibition is his masterpiece, “The death of the Virgin Mary” (1470 ca), fresh from a five-year restoration and for the first time again on public display. The exhibition develops in six themes and combines The Death of the Virgin with other masterpieces by artists such as Ans Memling, Jan Provoost and Albrecht Bouts, as well as sculptures, manuscripts and musical pieces, for a total of 70 works of art.
Five “new masters» including the artist Berlinde De Bruyckere, were also invited to introduce another aspect of the exhibition through video messages, offering a new look at the work.

Luxury and splendour: Bergognona Opulence – When in the 16th century, the Duke of Burgundy Philippe le Téméraire married Marguerite de Malé, daughter of the last Count of Flanders, Flanders suddenly merged with Burgundy. The court of Burgundy liked to stay in Bruges and exerted a strong attraction on the personalities of the time. In this itinerary, in the footsteps of rich nobles, powerful merchants and famous Flemish primitives, you will discover jewels of the historic center such as the Prinsenhof (Court of Princes) and the Groeninge Museum.

In the route A bit of relaxation: silent nostalgia you lose yourself in the magic of the welcoming district of Sant’Anna, with its popular houses and its green spaces, fully embodies placid Bruges. On this route, we let ourselves be overwhelmed by the peaceful spirituality of churches and abbeys, stroll among the nostalgic mills or relax in a small dream garden. The must-sees on this itinerary are the Kant Centrum, a center dedicated to the art of lace typical of Bruges, and the Adornes estate with the Chapel of Saint Jerusalem.

In the route Striking modernity: contemporary highlights you discover the other side of Bruges, which is indeed a world heritage site and instinctively projects itself into the past, but which certainly does not lack contemporary regeneration and urban development. The balance between old and new, the harmony between tradition and avant-garde are the leitmotif of this itinerary. Stroll through the city, admiring examples of contemporary architecture, ingenious new construction, and captivating art. The Concetgebouw concert hall embodies all of this.

Christmas in the air – The desire for Christmas is already in the air in Bruges, where a new edition of winter glow, the path of light installations distributed in different corners of the center. The eight attractions, plus the Ice Rink on Minnewater (Lake of Love) and the Winter Bar promise to be must-see stops in the truly magical holiday season for this wonderful city.

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