they might cancel them and not refund anything. Max Laudadio’s service reveals the names of travel agencies

Giuseppe Meccariello

Max Laudadio’s article from Striscia la Notizia highlights the scam perpetrated by two travel agencies in recent years

Among the services broadcast on last night’s episode of Striscia la Notizia, a well-known Mediaset show created by Antonio Ricci, that of Max Laudadio caught the attention of viewers for its uniqueness. Il conductor televisivo, radiofonico e attore teatrale aveva giĆ  segnalato qualche settimana fa una possibile truffa di un’agenzia di viaggio del Nord Italia, la quale non ha mai rimborsato i soldi delle prenotazioni dei voli per le vacanze estive dei suoi clienti, che aveva annullato afterwards.

People interviewed by Laudadio, possible victims of the travel agency’s “deception”, said they had lost between 1,000 and 2,040 euros due to the cancellation of reservations. Even today, several clients of the agency in question have not received any compensation. The envoy of the program led by Sergio Friscia and Roberto Lipari then revealed that the administrator of the company, Alessandro Scotti, had also managed the company The whole world. About ten years ago, added Laudadio, the company The whole world had made exactly the same path in this new society, and justice is still dealing with this case.

Striscia la Notizia: the scam denounced by Max Laudadio

The Agency reported these days, what is called They are on vacationthat the The whole world they operated in the Lombard municipality of Gallarate, in the province of Varese. A few weeks ago, Laudadio directly asked administrator Alessandro Scotti to proceed with the refund. The latter, through a lawyer, informed the correspondent of the program that he had requested the intervention of an insurance policy for the reimbursement of the canceled flight. And yet, continues the correspondent, some customers have recently received letters from the Insurance Agency indicating that, for the moment, the latter is not able to reconstruct what happened, because the insured ‘didn’t report’related claim, nor provided his version of the facts“. In addition, the Agency explained that the reported case “outside Civil Liability policies“.

Max Laudadio explained, however, that according to the law, travel agencies are required to open a guarantee fund for these cases. How long They are on vacation, continues the correspondent, opened the Fund, however, those who asked for it received a negative response. “We confirm that it is not possible for us to accept your request. The contract in question establishes the insolvency of the policyholder as a condition of operation and, therefore, this circumstance must be duly documented. A simple statement by the interested party cannot be considered sufficient.‘ reads the letter.

Lawyer’s email

It seems that Mr. Scotti, explained the correspondent, did not provide exhaustive information to the Guarantee Fund and that, therefore, it is impossible to start the compensation. The attorney for the administrator They are on vacation responded to the new request for clarification, confirming that the Agency has put in place an insurance policy for the reimbursement of customers whose holidays have been cancelled. “If the company raises objections, which in our opinion are unfounded, the case will be brought before the civil judge of the competent offices“concludes the lawyer. In the meantime, however, the situation is not yet resolved and the customers have not yet received a refund.

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