Peles Castle, Romania, is one of the most beautiful in Europe

Peles Castle, Romania, is one of the most beautiful in Europe

Sinaia is a splendid city in Romania located about 120 kilometers north of the capital Bucharest. A truly surprising place, so much so that it is considered “the pearl of the Carpathians”. It is located, among other places, at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level and in what we can define as the border between Wallachia, a historical region of Romania, and the much more famous Transylvania.

Traveling here means for many looking for cramped buildings and legendary stories of werewolves and vampires, but the reality is often quite different. On what is considered the true gateway to Transylvania, like a mirage appears a castle with fairy-tale profiles and which is still today considered one of the most beautiful in Europe: the Peles Castle.

Peles Castle, a bit of history

The Peles Castle it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Romania. But then it’s understandable: it is an exceptional example of German neo-Renaissance architecture. It was built between 1875 and 1883 at the request of King Charles I and, as well as being described as ‘one of the most enchanting on the whole continent’, it was the first European to be fully illuminated at the electricity.

Charles I of Romania decided to build a Sinaia for, following a visit to the city, he was particularly struck by the beauty of the landscape. This is how he chose to buy land and build a castle as a summer residence for the royal family.

It was used by monarchs until 1948 when, with the advent of communism, it was turned into a museum which did not open to the public until 1990.

It is essentially a construction of fairly recent history, but despite this, it manages to conquer every visitor with the beauty of its decorations, both exterior and interior. Its structure, in fact, has been specially designed to offer a building with services never seen before in European castles. Not only electricity, therefore, but also central heating and even a vacuum cleaner.

Visit Peles Castle

The Peles Castle it has an area of ​​3,200 square meters and 160 richly decorated and furnished rooms followed by 30 bathrooms.

But it is already by admiring it from the outside that we realize that we are in front of an architectural masterpiece. Indeed, you will find yourself in front of a splendid snow-white building with contrasting beautiful dark wood finishes, pointed turrets, numerous patterns on the windows, on the roofs and on the balustrades. An architecture, therefore, which manages to integrate perfectly into the harmony of the surrounding landscape.

In fact, it is completely embraced by nature in which sculptures, fountains and vases appear from time to time. Carrara marble which help to make it even more magical. Among the most important statues we highlight that of Charles I created by the Italian sculptor R. Romanelli, the monument to Queen Elizabeth, guarding the lions and much more.

Not least are the wonders it jealously guards within its walls. In this respect, however, there is a postulate to be made: of the 160 rooms present only 10 can be visited. Despite this, you will certainly be impressed by the majestic Murano glass chandeliers, frescoes, silk embroidery and many other luxuries. But not only. Indeed, the walnut sculptures and the bas-reliefs located at the entrance will also leave an indelible mark, as will the glass ceiling which opens onto the sky.

In addition, each room has something spectacular and unique and the most curious fact is that, despite the different styles with which they have been designed, what emerges is a harmonious whole.

Room decorations have unique themes from all the cultures of the planet: Italian, English, French, Hispano-Moorish, Turkish, Baroque, Rococo and many more. A truly exceptional castle that manages to catapult anyone who discovers it into a dimension with magical profiles. But peles it is also the Castle of primates, to the point of being one of the most innovative of the time.

In addition to electricity, heating and a vacuum cleaner, in Peles Castle lifts have even been installed. In addition, a cinematographic film was presented for the first time in Romania in the theater hall.

What else to see in Sinaia

The Peles Castle definitely worth the trip. But the truth is, the city it’s in, Sinaia, it conceals many other wonders that are worth discovering. For example, another splendid castle stands here: the Pelisorwhose most important rooms are the Holul de onoare (hall of honour) which has a beautiful skylight in glass and steel, the office of King Ferdinand I which is on the contrary decorated with furniture in the German neo-Renaissance style, and the golden room.

Also very interesting Sinaia Monastery, dedicated to Santa Caterina, where two courtyards develop in the center of which stands a small Byzantine-style church: the Biserica Veche (old church) and the Biserica Mare (large church). Also of note is the interior where you can admire neo-Byzantine style frescoes and mosaics as well as a museum which houses a collection of icons and crosses dating from the 17th century, the first bible written in Romanian and a myriad of precious objects.

then Villa Luminis which was the home of the Romanian composer and musician George Enesco. Built in the 1920s in the Brâncoveanu style, it was inhabited by the artist from 1926 to 1946. From that moment, unfortunately, he was forced to leave Romania and settle in Paris. For this reason, he decided to donate the villa to the Romanian state with the aim of using it as a place of creation and recreation for artists. In 1995, a museum was inaugurated there.

Finally, Sinaia it is also one of the most famous ski resorts in all of Romania, but also the ideal destination for those who like to be in contact with nature thanks to its many – and beautiful – well marked and very well marked hiking trails. maintained.

In short, it is really worth making a trip to Sinaia both because one of the most beautiful castles in all of Europe stands here, and because it’s a destination that really has a lot to offer its visitors.