Flights to Sardinia already full, traveling around Christmas is almost impossible

Flights to Sardinia already full, traveling around Christmas is almost impossible

Let’s start with Cagliari. But coming back at Christmas is almost impossible. There are no continuous flights from Milan. You can find something more if the section is on Olbia. Either you turn to the low cost, with a price that varies, often on the rise, according to market demand. And in this case you do not take off from Linate but from Bergamo: Orio al Serio is nearby, but not just around the corner. Similar problem for those going to Rome: leaves, but does not return before the feast of the birth of Jesus.Ita is sold out in Fiumicino from December 21 to 23.

The prices, then: those who decide to travel and who have no problems with dates do so at a reduced rate, if they are residents. The ticket will cost up to 107 euros for those who do not have a domicile in Sardinia.

Volotea advice on the Milan-Cagliari line at Christmas

Volotea advice on the Milan-Cagliari line at Christmas

They have been announced, but are not there currently reinforcement of lines with increase in frequencies, as was the case when companies were required to guarantee service because they were subsidized. On the contrary: the call for tenders for the next territorial continuity has been launched because the companies (Ita and Volotea) said they would cut ties sooner than expected: in February instead of May.

In the Region, they know the problem well. This morning, the new transport adviser, Antonio Moro, and Salvatore Deidda, a Sardinian deputy of the FdI who chairs the transport committee of the Chamber, met. They will join forces, they say, to try to secure links with the Sardinians: “For days I have been making a public appeal to businesses,” explained the parliamentarian at the end of the face-to-face, “to meet the needs of Sardinia, pending the execution of the new appeal for territorial continuity, by immediately making sure with Ita (who has programmed more flights departing from Milan) of the desire to respond to the sacrosanct requests of many residents and non-residents”.

“Territorial continuity must become a historic battle for all of Sardinia”declared Moro in an interview with L’Unione Sarda on newsstands, “there must be a unitary mobilization of Sardinian politics, the regional council, mayors, parliamentarians, productive categories, trade unions, civil society. Like the one made for insularity. And with the support of the Italian government, we must go to Brussels and demand a model adapted to the needs and requirements of the second largest island in the Mediterranean”.

“Now the European Union should listen to Sardinia”. Thus Ugo Cappellacci, deputy and regional coordinator of Forza Italia, intervenes on the question. ‘As we have always maintained’, he continues, ‘the confrontation with Brussels must take place at political level because the current Community rules already provide for everything necessary to launch a model adapted to the right to mobility of Sardinians and create a real “aircraft of people and goods that connects territories. The obstacle is represented by the restrictive interpretations of European bureaucrats, which betray the same provisions of the EU”.

Article 16 of Regulation 1008/2008 expressly refers to the economic and social development of the Region concerned and to the “possibility of using other modes of transport and the adequacy of these modes to satisfy concrete needs, in particular in the case where the rail services serve the planned route with a journey time of less than three hours and with sufficient frequencies, connections and timetables”.

“Sardinia is an island”, underlines the exhibitor of Forza Italia, “and complicated explanations should not be necessary. In this context, we must demand the restoration of the single tariff that we launched in 2013 and which extended the reductions also to emigrants and Sardinian non-residents, bringing about the right rebalancing also for companies, which could thus turn to a market more limited to the inhabitants of the island.


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