Christmas and New Year in the best amusement parks in Italy: discover all the events

Christmas and New Year in the best amusement parks in Italy: discover all the events

Want to spend Christmas and the New Year differently? Why not choose amusement parks? All over Italy, theme parks offer special events and programming with rides, attractions and magical Christmas atmospheres. It’s there that.

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Christmas 2022 and New Year 2023 in amusement parks: main attractions

For a few years I theme parks have extended their opening period, going well beyond spring-summer, offering special programs for the main holidays that include parades, events, thematic arrangements and many activities for the whole family. And this also happens for the Christmas holidays, when, thanks to the magical atmosphere of the Advent period, the theme parks of Italy become real villages of Christmas with very rich attractions and settings that make you dream.

In this guide, we will discover how to spend the Christmas and New Year’s Eve in amusement parks, special proposals and calendars planned to spend a day or a real stay.

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Gardaland Magic Winter – Gardaland Christmas and New Year

To Garda Land Christmas is truly a privileged and magical moment thanks to the atmosphere of the winter village, the shows and the programmed activities. All this thanks to Magical Gardaland Winter which will run from December 3, 2022 to January 8, 2023. Glittering decorations, lights and themed decorations will surround the attractions and the scheduled shows, while the characters most loved by children will parade through the streets of the park of Castelnuovo del Garda (Vr) with exciting parades.

During Magical Gardaland Winterwhich is in its 20th edition, the main attractions of the park will naturally be accessible but children will also be able to meet Santa Claus and deliver the letter to him in the Magical Village, a mountain hut where many activities and entertainment will come to life in the company of the Elves. The Ice Forest will lead visitors through a suggestive tunnel from the Floral Clock to the Medieval Square. In the enchanted forest, the protagonists will be the gnomes with their stories and educational games about nature.

For the older ones, there will be the Polar Express 4D experience for an immersive experience in the world of the North Pole. a lot too shows on the program: “The fabulous Christmas market”, “Winter Tales” and “The most beautiful festivals in the west” will not fail to move young and old with traditional Christmas dances and songs.

Christmas in Gardaland
Gardaland Magic Winter (photo credit

The Enchanted Christmas – Leolandia Christmas and New Year

Leolandia offers special programming with Enchanted Christmas which will last until January 8, 2023. The Capriate San Gervasio (Bg) children’s park will come alive with Christmas decorations, rides and special encounters with children’s most beloved cartoon characters, while home owners Leo and Mia will host a new show. On the calendar shows live like “Desire: the Christmas melody”, the itinerant animations, the meeting with Santa Claus and the skating rink.

The days in Leolandia will end with the enchanted Christmas parade through all the streets of the Park and with the Tree Lighting Ceremony which offers an exciting light and LED show. The children will meet Santa Claus, take pictures with him and give him the letter to receive the desired gifts. The whole family can then have fun on the large ice rink.

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Enchanted Christmas Leolandia (photo credit

Bestial Christmas – Turin Zoom Christmas and New Year

It will be a Beastly Christmas that offered by Zoom and which will stage one of the emblematic animals of this period: the reindeer which arrived last year at the Turin Biopark. Children will have the opportunity to meet the reindeer Rudolph and his friends Comet, Lightning and Arrow. Young visitors will be able to participate in meetings and educational activities to discover the world of these fantastic animals up close.

In addition to getting on the sleigh and sending letters to Santa Claus, Village of the Elves children can play with the Elves, attend the “En attendant Papa Noël” show with workshop, dance with Santa’s assistants and taste sweets and fruits dipped under a waterfall of chocolate. The Bestial Christmas from Zoom Turin will take place from December 8, 2022 to January 8, 2023.

Christmas at Zoom Turin
Bestial Christmas Zoom Turin (photo credit

Family Experience Park – Christmas and New Year Abroad

From December 8 to 11 and every day from December 26 to January 8, 2023 at Abroad from Riccione the Family Experience Park awaits all visitors to celebrate Advent and Christmas together. The special program will allow you to discover how Ulysses, Mia and the other dolphins of the most beautiful lagoon in Europe live, eat, play, in the company of Ulysses, the mascot of the Oltremare Family Experience Park.

In addition, children will be able to experience the thrill of becoming a trainer or falconer for a day, discovering alligators and dinosaurs in the Darwin forest, the flight of birds of prey, among wallabies in the Australia Experience area and with owls. scares at the Crazy Farm Arena. Purely on the theme of Christmas, in the Odysseus Christmas Port you will immerse yourself in an enchanted atmosphere among the fir trees, the themed decorations, the make-up, the large lighthouse and the thousands of lights for a grand finale full of surprises and delicacies.

christmas abroad
Family Experience Park – Oltremare Christmas (photo credit

Christmas at the Cattolica Aquarium – Cattolica

atCattolica Aquarium the special calendar for the Christmas holidays will last from December 8 to 11, 2022 every Sunday and will continue every day from January 26 to 8. Four colorful routes await visitors to meet thousands of animals: in the blue there are the Humboldt penguins, with three newborns, lots of fish and the largest bull shark in Italy; on the yellow route, you may encounter Asiatic otters, caimans and other freshwater species; in the Green pythons, boas, chameleons and in the Violet she shows her on the creatures of the abyss. For the Christmas time themed arrangements were created, with make-up to transform into elves and other magical Christmas characters.

Christmas at the Cattolica Aquarium
Christmas at the Aquarium of Cattolica (photo credit of the Facebook page of the Aquarium of Cattolica)

Christmas in Italy in Miniature – Rimini

For the period of Christmas Rimini theme park, Italy in miniature will be festively decorated. The magical Piazza Italia will welcome the public with its large tree, hundreds of lights and face painting. Venice, Esperimenta, Torre Panoramica and Pinocchio attractions are also included in the ticket, while Cinemagia 7D will be paid for separately. The Italian Christmas in Miniature will take place from December 8 to 11, every Sunday, and from Boxing Day to January 8, 2023.

Christmas in Italy in miniature
Christmas in Italy in miniature (photo credit

Magical Christmas – Luneur Park Christmas and New Years Eve

From Saturday 3 December, the Garden of Wonders in Rome dresses for the most popular time of year for children. The Lunar Park it will light up with lights and magical attractions on December 3 – 4 -8 – 9 – 10 – 11 – 17 – 18, and every day from December 26 to January 8, 2023.

Once through the magical entrance gate, visitors will enter an enchanted world, accompanied by Pepe, the gingerbread man, Igloo, the big polar bear and the elves who will take them through entertaining shows until in the snow. christmas land. here long whitewashed paths will be surrounded by trees, colored spheres and thematic decorations to reach the house of Santa Clauswhere young and old can send their letter and take pictures with Santa Claus.

Christmas – Lunar Park
Christmas – Luneur Park (photo credit

Christmas at Zoomarine – Torvaianica (Rm)

This year, the theme park on the outskirts of Rome will offer a Christmas full of activities, attractions and shows. The magic of Christmas invites itself with Carolina in a show between elves and moose. The absolute novelty will be Zoolight with 100 artistic illuminations, present for the first time at Zoomarine and in Italy. In addition to the permanent attractions, new entertainment and activities will be offered: the ice rink, Santa’s house with delivery of letters, the Sapientin Tree which will tell its stories.

And again Music Lights, a show of musical notes, the interactive light swing, demonstrations with themed animals Christmas, the new Play and Have Fun with Pinocchio and Freeda, the giant Christmas tree, traditional Christmas carols with the Seventheaven choir, the show The Enchanted Forest with the Elves, the live show Le Rêve du Père Noël with colorful butterflies , the interactive parade of Christmas angels. The zoomarine christmas will take place from December 3, 2022 to January 8, 2023.

Christmas at Zoomarine
Christmas at Zoomarine (photo credit Zoomarine Facebook page)

Christmas and New Year’s Village at Cinecittà World

We stay in Rome where the amusement park of Cinecittà propose the Christmas Village. Until January 8, 2023, visitors will be able to participate in this magical village with the market, Santa’s house and factory, many Christmas shows, the festival of illuminations, the Kingdom of Ice, the only snow park covered in Italy, the Cinema Crib and eight new themed attractions.

The highlight of the celebrations will be December 31 with the New Year’s Eve at Cinecittà World, already in recent years the biggest New Year’s Eve party in Rome: for the occasion there will be 8 types of themed dinners, 40 attractions open until morning, 7 discos, concerts and live shows and midnight with artifice of fireworks. The 2022 season will end with the weekend dedicated to Epiphany, full of surprises for young and old.

Christmas and New Year at Cinecittà World
New Year’s Eve at Cinecittà World (photo credit

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