Desert Tours, How to Dress and What to Bring – Travel Ideas

Desert Tours, How to Dress and What to Bring - Travel Ideas

When you decide to visit exotic destinations and large tourist resorts on the African continent, the trip often includes an excursion to the desert.

A unique, particular, fascinating experience that marks all those who decide to face it.

These are usually tourist circuits that take place during the day, with camels or quads, but often the desert tours they can also include an overnight stay.

For this reason and others, it is necessary to always be the best equipped face a trip and be prepared for all eventualities: from the difficulty of orientation, to temperature excursions when the sun goes down; from the lack of water availability, to all other eventualities.

We also remind you that, given the particular landscape, it is best to avoid choosing do-it-yourself routes, but it is always advisable rely on an expert guidea for walks in the desert.

So here’s how to dress and what to bring to fully enjoy a desert excursion with complete peace of mind.

How to dress for a desert trip

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One could mistakenly think that, given the great heat of the day, to visit the desert it is preferable to dress in very light clothes.

In fact, if it is true that the temperatures are very high, it is also true that you have to be careful with the typical sunburn scorching desert sun and it is therefore necessary to cover the parts most exposed to the sun.

Desert tours

The best possible clothing to approach an excursion in the dunes therefore requires a specific outfit.

Sports pants, long, comfortable and in technical fabric. It is preferable that the pants in question are also water-repellent and windproof.

The sweater it must necessarily be long-sleeved but made of breathable fabric, to avoid burns but to be able not to be overwhelmed by excessive heat.

For the shoe typical trekking shoes are indicated as ideal. They must not miss the call Polarized sunglassespreferably with a mask.

This shape will also protect the eyes from possible sandstorms and, more generally, desert dust.

Finally, it’s also good to have one shh. It is the typical Tuareg headgear, light but useful for protecting the neck from the sun’s rays. Alternatively, you can also choose to wear a simple hat with a visor.

The headgear, but also if possible the rest of the clothing, should be light in color. In this way, the sun’s rays will not be attracted.

What to bring

It’s always a good idea to bring along some luggage that’s not too bulky to carry over your shoulder on the desert excursion.

If you decide to spend the night in the dunes, you should also bring a second pair of pants, this time very heavy, or thermal leggings that you can use under your day pants in your travel backpack.

As a top for the night, it is good to bring a microfleece or a sweatshirt.

Also don’t forget windbreaker. In addition to clothes for the night and linen changes for the next day, it is good to have a sleeping bag and a mattress on which to place it in your backpack.

In addition, the desert hiker’s luggage cannot be missing: a torch, a water bottle with water (preferably large), a protective spray against insects and a high resistance sunscreen to be used during the hike. daytime.

It is also good to carry chewable medicine similar to those used for seasickness, driving in the desert can indeed be annoying.

In the suitcase, it is also better to keep electronic devices in a special small beauty case to be inserted into the backpack. During the excursion they will thus be sufficiently protected from both heat and possible shocks.