Low cost flights and super cheap offers for Christmas!

Low cost flights and super cheap offers for Christmas!

Last minute offers for the Christmas holidays? This is possible with the Black Friday discounts also extended to many international flights and routes.

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Can’t wait to decorate the hallways, decorate the tree and stuff the socks? Whether it’s coming home for the holidays or going on a getaway, travel during vacation it can be costly, frustrating and difficult to manage. Luckily for travelers, Christmas travel deals make it easy and inexpensive to find flights and head out to spend time with loved ones or enjoy a joyous getaway. There is no shortage of travel deals for the Christmas period, you just have to know how to find them… Here are our tips for booking a convenient and stress-free holiday.

Low cost flights and super cheap offers for Christmas!

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Reports show that air fares go up the closer we get to the holidays, there is no more time to postpone booking your flight if you are planning to fly this year. And keep procrastinating. Packing your bags at the last minute, staying in the office to make one last deal before rushing to the airport, or even thinking about hopping in a taxi instead of arranging your airport transport in advance, everything it increases the chances of making your Christmas trip something special. but festive.

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Instead, to achieve your New Year’s resolutions, try to plan ahead and not be put off by a long line, extra security check, or traffic jam.

The sooner you start booking your rides, the better your chances of connecting cheaper flights and save on your vacation trip. Plan months in advance, rather than weeks, to avoid the rush for the most popular tickets. While you can take a chance by waiting until the last minute to get an advance ticket at a cheaper price, you don’t want to jeopardize your vacation plans. Book in advance to guarantee the best price ticket.

Be flexible

As the demand for flights during the holiday season skyrockets, travelers cannot be picky when it comes to their flight details, especially if you are looking for a cheap flight during this peak season. The more flexible your travel details (including when you fly and which airline), the more likely you are to get a cheap vacation flight.

Book a flight in advance

The best choice to avoid the crowds during the holidays is to fly very early. Booking the first flight of the day means you are less likely to experience delays and hectic situations at the airport. If you’re traveling with children, it’s also easier to avoid afternoon fatigue and complete your flight.


Book nonstop flights. Don’t let your layover turn into a travel delay. Avoid this possibility altogether by booking a non-stop flight if possible. Bad weather, logistical delays and lost luggage are just a few of the reasons why connections can ruin your trip, especially if you’re traveling with children.

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If you’re stuck in the connecting city, it’s neither your home nor your destination, and although it can be up to 40% cheaper, we recommend booking your connecting flights for off-peak seasons. Non-stop itineraries are more concrete and make it easier to estimate arrival times.

Flights from just 6 euros one way

On sites like PiracinTravel, there are unmissable offers for Italian and European cities where to spend the Christmas holidays with friends or family. Here are the most popular routes from 6 euros:

  • Rome-Toulouse
  • Venice-Copenhagen
  • Milan-London
  • Milan-Wroclaw
  • Milan-Paris.