7 chic trolleys for a long weekend dedicated to the Immaculate Conception in style!

7 scicchissimi Trolley per un Ponte dell’Immacolata all’insegna dello stile!

The calendar indicates that we are at the gates of a long weekend before the next Christmas holidays. If you’ve decided to use it to leave the preparations for lunches and dinners and the stress of the last part of the year at home, all you have to do is pack your bags. Here are the perfect trolleys to go without leaving anything at home…

The first bridge a few holidays have arrived. Before devoting ourselves to Christmas as a family, we can take advantage of thisImmaculate to escape the city and seek a destination to recharge your batteries. Whatever your destination, you will certainly need it cart spacious but also practical; if you leave by plane you must respect the rules so as not to end up in the hold, if you leave by train it must be practical and not bulky, if you decide to leave by car it will be important that everything fits in the trolley and that the trolley fit in your trunk. So here are the most practical and super models elegant experience a glamorous and glamorous bridge style

Emporio Armani, Rigid Cabin Trolley

Emporio Armani

The accessories on wheels, they need practicality to follow your movements, becoming a support and not a brake. Emporio Armani find the right compromise, perfect to guarantee journeys that are always at the top style and of comfort. This trolley is made of ABS, a light but impact-resistant material, and is characterized by the Tsa closure. The wheels they are 4, the manipulate it is telescopic and the compartments inside they are equipped with nets to retain objects. Small but very spacious, perfect for a long weekend like the one you are planning.

Carpisa, the perfect compromise for traveling in practical comfort

stolen cart

Hand luggage online gotech of Carpise. This line is made with an ultra-resistant material and composed of a 70% mixture of materials from recycling. The inner lining is rather 100% material recycled. The wheels are patentedsuper dynamic, contribute to having fluid and fast movements even during less practical movements.

Roncato, rigid trolley with Tsa closure

purring suitcase

Roncato it’s a super classic in suitcase, trolley and carry-on apparel. This trolley has the advantage of being stretch to increase the capacity of luggage as required. Combination lock with Tsa system, what you need to travel to America without problems. Double swivel wheels for better maneuverability and stability of the suitcase. Most airlines approve the dimensions and specifications of this cart, so all you have to worry about is fitting everything inside…

Zara, Tone-on-tone leather trolley

zara trolley

The carriage of Zadar it is very elegant. In leather look, tone on tone, with a grained finish. The main compartment is closed by double zipper. Inside there are two elastic bands to lock the clothes and a pocket with closure hinge. This cart also features a handy front pocketalso closed with a zipper, perfect for documents and Boarding passes when you are not traveling with your own car. Detail of ID tag, also tone on tone, this detail is also designed for travel by train or plane. It has a handle and a retractable handle and four casters. Perfect for any type of movement and much more glamour.

Mandarina Duck, hardside carry-on

mandarin duck cart

Trolleys cabin extensible rigid, in polycarbonate, with compact volume and soft lines. Has 4 double color wheels that ensure a better mobilitycustom rubber bumpers and side feet anti-scratch. The branded handle is flattened so as not to increase the overall size. The Tsa lock it is positioned on the side and is, also for this trolley, the particularity that will allow you to travel anywhere in complete safety and serenity.

Guess, flexible and spacious trolley

guess cart

Exterior in synthetic material. Zipper. Metal items silver color. The proposal of To guess it’s really a very good solution elegant. You can currently find it at 30% off on the portal official by Guess. He doesn’t have the measures perfectly compatible with those of hand luggage to fly away without carrying suitcases, it is however ideal to accompany you on your travels and contain everything you need to leave without worries…

Gucci, When “Chic” is an understatement! Price 2,500 euros

gucci trolley

Made in GG Supremeone of the emblematic materials of Guccihere is cart of the haute couture you were looking for. Traditionally offered in beige and ebony, it’s a tribute to timeless patterns and timeless design. A beige leather finish completes this travel accessory Gucci Savoy in small format, while the red and green Web adds a refined reference to an archive code of the House. So what do you have to do now other than packing your bags?