Assos, the most charming village on the island of Kefalonia

Assos, the most charming village on the island of Kefalonia

About 36 km north of Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia, not far from the beach of Myrtos, is the small but charming village of Assos, a hidden place of great beauty that is definitely worth a visit. A small jewel symbol of the Mediterranean, not to be missed for its harmonious blend of picturesque elements, which offers experiences of total relaxation in nature.

The charming village of Assos in Greece

Assos spreads over a horseshoe-shaped peninsula, in the northwestern part of Kefalonia, among the best European destinations, and is home to around a hundred inhabitants. It’s a charming and colorful village perched on the turquoise waters of this beautiful Greek island, full of quaint towns and villages, but without a doubt this one is one of the prettiest.

To reach it, you must immerse yourself in a natural landscape that excites you with every glance. From the coastal road, the steep switchbacks down to the village are surrounded by cypress woods that gradually reveal red roofs and pastel-coloured facades. A few houses and a few restaurants overlook the square, as well as the pier where the fishing boats dock or the few yachts that land there. You walk through narrow streets lined with bougainvillea and ancient churches. But the most spellbinding attraction is the Assos Castle.

Assos Castle, a Venetian attraction on the island of Kefalonia

Splendid example of the military architecture of one of the most beautiful and famous islands of Greece (here, however, we have told you about the lesser known ones), the castle was built by Venetians in the 16th century, at the request of the local inhabitants who wanted the foundation of a second fortress after that of Aghios Gheorgios, in order to more effectively protect Kefalonia from the incursions of pirates. The building was built on top of the rocky hill, 170 meters high, which occupies the entire peninsula penetrating the blue waters of the Ionian Sea, and has as its only access a very narrow strip of land that connects it to the coast.

Today you can admire the ruins of the mighty walls, the ramparts, the two gates, the house of the Venetian high commissioner and the San Marco church. Access to the castle is via a renovated stone path, and nearby is the small abandoned Church of the Prophet Elijah, built in 1888 on the ruins of another small church dating from the 1500s.

The beaches, little paradises

Above all, they love Assos the two beaches, both with a splendid view of the bay and with ideal settings for lovers of the sea snorkeling. The scenario in which they are immersed, with the intense green of the surrounding woods framing the crystal clear waters, is a real feast for the eyes. One is in the middle of the village, in high season you can rent deckchairs and deckchairs with umbrellas, while part of it is always free. Behind it there are two restaurants and nearby there are cafes, bars and shops.

The second, smaller beach is on the road that leads to the Ch√Ęteau d’Assos. It is completely free but less crowded than the other making it perfect for an idyllic private experience and also very romantic, if you stay until sunset. In addition, 11.5 km from Assos is the splendid beach of Myrtos, the pride of Kefalonia, considered the most beautiful in Greece.