How to have 36 days of vacation by taking only 5 days of vacation

How to have 36 days of vacation by taking only 5 days of vacation

The calendar 2023 offer 36 vacation days with only five vacation requests. In fact, 2023 brings significant holidays in what we call “long weekends,” which are essentially more days to disconnect from work and school. Knowing the 2023 calendar, when the bridges will fall and therefore the holidays of the year, allows you to organize long rests, trips and any type of activity you want to do during your vacation.

For this reason, strategically planning your vacation allows you to get a total of 36 days of vacation and rest from work, an opportunity offered by the 2023 calendar. Indeed, if you request days off close to the weekend, that is, when the holidays fall and long weekends are planned, the vacation days increase significantly.

Get More Vacation Days With Strategic Vacations: The Bridge Trick

The Christmas festivities have not yet started and we are already starting to think about those of 2023. In fact, from the calendar it will be possible to obtain up to 36 days of holidays thanks to holidays strategically program. The trick is simple, but it provides a strategy for anticipating the leave request on a given day.

In fact, according to the calendar in 2023, many of the most important holidays will fall on weekends and for businesses and schools – for those traveling with family it will be important to coordinate the days – several long bridges are planned. By requesting a total of 5 days off near the weekend, you can get up to 36 days of vacation.

Calendar 2023, holiday weekends: more bridges for the holidays

Just observe the calendar 2023 understand that the big holidays of the year will fall on weekends and this will allow many to be able to take advantage of bridges, or more vacation days. The schedule below is valid for most bridges for both employees and the school.

Here are the perfect days to request a vacation and get 36 days of vacation in 2023. The schedule of vacations and associated bridges for 2003 is:

  • Epiphany: 6 (Friday) – 7 (Saturday)- 8 (Sunday)
  • Carnival: 6 p.m. (Saturday) – 7 p.m. (Sunday) – 8 p.m. (Monday) – 9 p.m. (Shrove Tuesday)
  • Easter and Easter Monday: 8 (Saturday) – 9 (Sunday) -10 (Easter Monday)
  • Liberation Day: 22 (Saturday) – 23 (Sunday) – 24 (Monday) – 25 (Tuesday)
  • Labor Day 29 (Saturday) -30 (Sunday) – 1 (Monday)
  • Republic Day: 2 (Friday) – 3 (Saturday) – 4 (Sunday)
  • Ferragosto: 12 (Saturday) – 13 (Sunday) – 14 (Monday) – 15 (Tuesday)
  • Toussaint and Toussaint: 1 (Wednesday) – 2 (Thursday) – 3 (Friday) – 4 (Saturday) – 5 (Sunday)
  • Feast of the Immaculate Conception: 8 (Friday) – 9 (Saturday) – 10 (Sunday)
  • Christmas and Boxing Day: 23 (Saturday) – 24 (Sunday) – 25 (Monday) – 26 (Sunday)

How many vacation days are accumulated in a month and in a year?

Normally, 1/12 of annual leave days accumulate in a month. Certain variables are involved in the calculation, such as the date of hiring and the hypothetical date of termination or resignation. The collective agreement for the sector could also present more favorable conditions for the accumulation of public holidayssuch as, for example, the accumulation based on days or hours worked and not on fractions of months.

For instance:

In the commercial contract accumulate 26 days of vacation per year, as well as in tourism contract. While in the metallurgist contract 4 weeks vacation is accrued per year, with a few additional days accrued depending on length of service.

Caution: if the sector is not governed by a collective agreement, reference must be made to the minimum number of holidays set by law, ie 4 weeks of work.