Pantone Color Travel 2023: destinations and places with the color Viva Magenta – Travel ideas

Pantone Color Travel 2023: destinations and places with the color Viva Magenta - Travel ideas

And the Long live the Magenta 18-1750 it’s Pantone 2023: a color full of vigor, courageous and fearless, a shade that straddles the physical and the virtual.

On the occasion of the launch of the new color of the year, Volagratis.commakes the list of the most beautiful destinations in the world where you can admire the Viva Magenta up close.

Magenta, why is it called that?

Did you know that the color magenta has Italian origins? It is precisely a town in Lombardy that gives its name to the Color of the Year 2023 according to PANTONE.

Magentain the province of Milan, is known for having been the scene of the battle of June 4, 1859, considered by many to be the first real step towards national unification.

It is precisely to this confrontation that the French chemist Fran├žois-Emmanuel Verguin dedicated the Color created the same year and born from the oxidation of raw aniline with stannic chloride.

Quang Phu CauVietnam

quang phu cau

In Vietnam, there is a village that once a year is tinted with magenta. IS Quang Phu Cau that turns into a colorful carpet for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Merit is traditional and secular incense processingmade from dried bamboo canes, cut and dyed red, a color chosen because it is considered auspicious.

According to local custom, to attract luck, you must burn an odd number of sticks, usually between 1 and 7.

The magic of Hitachi Seaside Park in autumn

hitachi seaside park

L’Hitachi Coastal Parkabout 150 kilometers from Tokyo, is a palette of colors that offers a different landscape in each season.

In autumn, the protagonist is the Kochia Scopariaa plant often used for ornamental purposes and which between the end of September and November takes on a thousand shades of red and pink, including magenta.

Panjin Red BeachChina

Panjin Red Beach

In northeast China, the Panjin Red Beach it is a place dyed in a color very similar to the Viva Magenta of Salsa suaidaa plant typical of wetlands and coastal areas which here covers a very large area.

Keukenhof GardensNetherlands

THE Keukenhof Gardens de Lisse, in the Netherlands, were born in 1949 to host a large outdoor flower exhibition.

Today this green space is the largest flower bulb park in the world, one of the main attractions of the country and one of the most photographed places in Europe, at least in spring, when more than 4, 5000000 tulips of 100 different varieties, as well as other flowers such as hyacinths and daffodils. The palette is very rich and in the meadows the magenta cannot be missing.

Sumac and Mediterranean cuisineSicily

Typical of the Mediterranean region, the sicilian sumac (also known as sumac Where sumac) is a small shrub with one Spice up dark magenta.

To obtain it, the fruits are used, harvested before they reach maturity, dried and then chopped until they are reduced to powder. This tangy-tasting ingredient is also used in Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi and Turkish cuisine and is known for its antioxidant power.

Shades of Antelope CanyonUnited States

L’Antelope Canyonin Arizona, offers its visitors an extraterrestrial landscape.

Geological layers range from orange to pink, red to magenta and tint hundreds of different shades depending on the time of day, giving the best to the sunsetwhen magenta turns purple in certain areas.

The mountain of seven colorsPeru


The Vinicunquealso known as “Seven Color Mountain” or “Rainbow Mountain”, is one of the most spectacular places in the Andes, an area at 5,200 meters above sea level characterized by stripes of seven different colors.

The color is due to the different minerals present in the ground: granite, responsible for the black; copper, which tends towards blue and green when oxidized; sulfur, yellow; calcium carbonate, white; the union of rock and magnesium, which tends to turn brown; and iron oxide and manganese which give red and pink respectively and which together tint the earth magenta.