Sand nativity scene in Lignano Sabbiadoro: dates and routes 2022 – Travel ideas

Sand nativity scene in Lignano Sabbiadoro: dates and routes 2022 - Travel ideas

For the long weekend of the Immaculate Conception, and for the whole Christmas period, there is one more reason to join Lignano Sabbiadoro.

Until January 8, 2023 you can experience the charm of Christmas with the many appointments planned for the magazine Christmas of A..Mer.

The centerpiece of Christmas in Lignano is the scenography sand cribcreated each year by international artists, using around 300 tons of Lignano’s famous golden sand and sea water.

It is the most famous sand nativity scene in Italy

The Sand Crib is a true work of art created with sculptures modeled by international artists in over a month of continuous effort.

The sand crib is made from beach sand and seawaterwithout using anything else to compact it: it is the mastery of the artists that does the rest, making this real Christmas magic possible.

Set in a suspended world in constant dialogue between land and sea, this masterpiece contains a symbolic charge and timeless beauty, which over the years have attracted tens of thousands of visitors.

The works offer a delicate balance between traditional forms and the variations of each edition, inviting reflections on universal values ​​and current issues.

Theme of the 2022 sand nativity scene in Lignano Sabbiadoro

“Infinite Tiles: Stories and Legends of Early Christianity in Aquileia” is the title of this 19th edition, which will feature i mosaics in the basilica of Aquileia.

A theme of great charm, which unfolds in a path suspended between history and legend, and which has found its expression in a contest of different artistic languages ​​united by two common threads: “the sea” Hey “colors of light”.

The route will be divided into three thematic blocks: legend, history, theology.

The first block will tell the legend that made San Marco, the first bishop of Alexandria in Egypt, the founder of the Church of Aquileia; the second will describe certain theories concerning the origins of Christianity in Aquileia; finally, the third will summarize the interpretation of some theological passages which distinguished the ancient Church of Aquileia: the Descended ad Infer(n)a and the Signum Ionaebelief in universal salvation (apocatastasis).

The sand sculptures are accompanied by three other works: it will be possible to walk on a section of mosaic floor which faithfully reproduces, in color and size, certain segments of the mosaic floor of the “Crypt of the Excavations” (work of the Friuli mosaic school of Spilimbergo); it will be possible to admire a rainbow (arc di San Marc) made by Jacopo Rumignani with very light and transparent fabrics, and, in conclusion, a grandiose video installation will allow visitors to immerse themselves, almost in a mystical experience, in salvation and the colored waters of the magnificent and mysterious “Sea of ​​Jonah”the subject of a precious mosaic in the Basilica of Aquileia which depicts the troubled adventures of the biblical prophet, first on a ship and then in the belly of the whale.

The nativity scene can be visited until February 5, 2023. For more information

Photos of the most famous nativity scene in Italy

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