The best Italian cities to spend Christmas

The best Italian cities to spend Christmas

The magic of Christmas is amplified when traveling, with family or friends, the atmosphere will always be magical. Here are the best Italian cities to spend the holidays.

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Italy at Christmas: a magical place to spend the holidays with family or friends. Everything you need to know to plan the perfect trip. What to expect from the weather, crowds, what to book ahead and the best places to visit in December in Italy.

A trip to Italy in December can be a wonderful way to spend the festive season. Traveling to Italy at this time, you should expect cold weather, occasional rainy days and even snow in some parts of Italy, but you will also find beautiful Christmas traditions, great opportunities tours and plenty of opportunities to warm up in cozy interiors with delicious food and wine.

The best Italian cities to spend Christmas

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Despite the differences between regions and zones, traveling to Italy in December, you should expect cold weather (in Italy it’s time for coats, scarves and gloves), hours of daylight rather short and occasional rainy days.

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In several parts of the country and at higher elevations, snow is also possible. Thinking of spicing up yours Christmas vacation? Whether it’s soaking up the snow in the Alps or taking a break from the cold with a warmer destination like Sicily, Christmas in Italy can be beautiful. We present to you some selected Italian winter destinations for an unforgettable winter holiday.

1) Bolzano, Merano and their Christmas markets

If you love Christmas markets, the best places to experience them are the towns of Merano, Bolzano and, more generally, the cities on the slopes of the Dolomites. This part of Italy has a strong Germanic influence and is the one with the best and most authentic Christmas markets. A word of advice: wrap up warm because it is quite cold in this region!

2) Sicily

Southern Italy at Christmas will not be too cold: temperatures should be around 10-13 degrees. If you want to explore Sicily, but the summer heat is too intense, December can be a good time. The Sicily is famous for the cradles installed in most squares and churches during the holidays. Chances are you’ll want to stay in Palermo, where you can enjoy the vibrant nightlife, fine dining, and Christmas markets. The town also offers easy access to Mount Etna for skiing!


3) Cinque Terre

December is not the best time to visit five lands, because the climate makes it difficult to practice the main activities for which the region is known: hiking and swimming. However, Manarola is special at Christmas because it lights up like a living nativity scene! The living nativity scene lights up on December 8. Here you will find our guide to visiting the Cinque Terre with children.

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4) Roma

It’s hard to beat the impression that Rome leaves on the visitor in December. When the Colosseum and the Vatican put on their Christmas trees, they are even more magical and considering how beautiful they are in normal times, you can imagine how special they really are right now! It’s cold in Rome in December, but don’t expect it to be a quiet time. The weekend close to December 8 and the whole week of Christmas are in high tourist season and reservations for accommodation and attractions are compulsory.