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We’re a team of passionate chocoholics that love the sweet side of life. Here in our Sydney cafe, we serve up a whole host of decadent desserts that are perfect for indulging sweet tooths and sugar cravings. We’re located on Bryant Street in Rockdale and our menu is simply bursting with the waffles, crepes, candied pizza, chocolate pasta and fondue of your dreams. To offset all this deliciousness though, we’ve got breakfast and lunch menus that are more on the savoury side.

So leave the all the guilt at the door, come and pay us a visit and treat yourself to a delicious time here at Black Water Café!

This Coffee Addict is Getting an Espresso Maker


Saying that I am addicted to my morning coffee is to say nothing. I’ve always been a classic coffee lover and my favorite has always been espresso, but after my visit to Italy last summer I got completely ruined by high quality coffee.

Right the next day when I came back from my trip, I started looking for Italian coffee shops near my apartment and after long searches I’ve found couple cozy cafes around the neighborhood. I started visiting there every single morning, but after some time I’ve realized, that I was spending too much money on espresso. So couple of months ago I decided to get my own semi automatic espresso maker and enjoy my morning coffee in the comfort of my own kitchen.

Obviously, what I did first I opened google and typed best home semi automatic espresso makers reviews and the fascinating journey began. It turned out I’m not the only “espresso addict” in this world.

After examining many reviews, chatting with some other coffee lovers that already had experience with espresso makers I narrowed my choice to two.

First one that caught my attention immediately was Breville Barista Express espresso machine and how it couldn’t, everyone was telling nothing but amazing things about it. What I personally liked about it was that it grinds the actual coffee beans right before making each cup of espresso so the coffee is super fresh every single time.

The other that intrigued me was Jura Ena Micro 1 espresso maker. Let me tell you, that the most exciting thing I found about it was that not only it’s grinding coffee beans just like the other one, it’s also super compact and has a sleek design.

And though it was much higher in price I decided to purchase it. Now I’m enjoying my morning espresso at home and it was totally worth it.

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Gifts for a Coffee Lover

While beer is most definitely our go to at the end of a long work day, it’s coffee that helps us get moving during the early morning hours. Admittedly, we’re huge caffeine addicts, and as we get older, we only seem to fall more in love with the stuff we swear we’d “hate for life” as kids. Whether your prefer it black or with more sugar than should be allotted in a daily diet, there’s a good chance you’re a fan of coffee – or at least know someone that is.

As coffee lovers, we know that there are few better gifts for the holidays than one that encourages and promotes our addiction. That’s why we’ve explored every segment of the web to compile the ultimate coffee lover’s gift guide. Millions of people consume this stuff on a daily basis. With breakfast, lunch, prepping for an all-nighter, or just a random snack because you love the taste that much. It’s for you guys that we present 21 great gifts for the coffee enthusiast.

Crafted from a basic aluminum foil, this ingenious device lets you easily transform your favorite mason jar into an ultra portable pour over coffee maker. Simply place the ground coffee into a filter within the funnel, pour boiling water into the funnel, and before you know, you have a mason jar full of piping hot coffee to enjoy.



Constructed from durable stainless steel, this vacuum insulated body features a large storage capacity that will keep your brew hot for up 6 hours. It’s fully leak proof, dishwasher safe, and features a push button lid that can be operated with one hand.



Extremely light and durable, this is a great choice for enjoying coffee during a camping trip, or on the go in general. Create pressure using the built-in pump, insert ground coffee, add hot water, and voila, you’re in business.

Coffee and Treat Hamper


A delightfully indulgent and unique gift for coffee lovers; with 3 original coffee blends in stylish packaging, hand-made chocolate and other goodies, our Coffee and Treat Hamper makes an ideal present that can be shipped anywhere in the world.


House Classic Gift Box



This set contains five individual bags of superb Arabica coffee from some of the world’s most renowned coffee growing areas, including the foothills of the Andes, the rich volcanic soils of Java and the high plateaus of Mount Kenya – some of the best coffee beans in the world!

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